1 Wheel Felons

Recently and in the past we have taken on a detailed, fun, and exciting project for a motorcycle riding crew called “1 Wheel Felons“.  A group of stunt riders who stand united under one idea “go big, or go home.”

Just watching the videos of these guys doing their thing out on the streets gets my heart pumping, and my adrenaline rushing!!  They do wheelies of all sorts; clutch ups, standing wheelies, nose wheelies, even sitting over the handle bars going down the highway.   I saw one clip of a guy doing a burnout at around 50mph!!

We look forward to providing products to them in the future.  The project we did for them was very detailed and had the most enjoyable set of images to look at.

One thought on “1 Wheel Felons

  1. If you ever need anything these guys are the ones to go to. I looked long and hard for a person to do my drawings. All drawings were hand drawn myself. They took my image and transformed it into a one of a kind product. Have used these guys for a few years now and will never go anywhere else!

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