Customizing Your Slope Transportation

Did you know that you can personalize the top of your skis or snowboard with a vinyl decal or sticker?  Applying your own image or text is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and to make people aware of what you’re all about.  It’s a simple and affordable way to add your own style to a factory made board!

Start with something plain:

Choose a sticker of your liking:

Apply to the location of your choice:

Remove transfer tape to reveal a great-new look:


Crossing Fitness With Fun

We recently did an install for one of our neighbors at Mission CrossFit, and couldn’t help but notice how much fun all of the members were having.

It’s not your typical gym.  It’s not lined with mirrors, and there is no waiting for machines.  Workouts consist of fun and challenging exercises.  Not repetitious weight lifting that becomes boring and tedious.

Not a bunch of egos here.  Just good people having a great time.

Kite Flying Day

Today is supposed to be kite flying day.  Not the best choice of days for most of us here in the northern hemisphere.  If I had it my way, I would go kite surfing instead.

The feats that can be achieved in this extreme sport are amazing!  From speeds up to 55 miles per hour (World Record Speed), heights of over 30 feet, and distances that defy gravity.  All while doing flips, spins and grabs of endless variations.

The limits of this extreme sport are being pushed every day, the boundaries-being reformed.  What the future holds for kite surfing is unclear.  One thing is certain though.  The sport is Exhilarating to participate in, let alone watch.

Celebrating a Legend

Today marks the day that one of the greatest and most revered reggae musician’s was given to us.  None other than Bob Marley.

His music still has a vast reach, and a heavy influence on many cultures.  It reaches the heart and soul of so many individuals, singing words of wisdom, truth, political freedom, and equality.

It’s a shame that such talented individual had to leave us prematurely.  We can only wonder what other gifts he may have given us.