Dang it, that’s a Ding!

Have a dent or an unsightly scratch in your car or truck? It’s easy to cover it up with a Band Aid decal.

Band Aid sticker
In black and on a wall



They’re easily applied, and are a unique style alternative to costly body work and paint jobs.




There are many other symbols available from Vinyl Disorder.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.

Purple Flower

Beginning of Spring

Now that spring is actually here, we are excited to resume taking photos of one of our favorite subjects.  Flowers.

Purple Flower
Taken in Southern California

You can recreate your favorite flower into a sticker or decal with an image from Vinyl Disorder, or submit your own and stick it virtually anywhere!

Rose Wall Mural Decal

We’re looking forward to an exciting season of photography and vinyl wall art!

Custom Play Station

Making Your Console Unique

Almost anyone can go out and purchase a video game console.  With Vinyl Disorder, you can make it uniquely yours.

Choose from virtually any image:

Darth Maul Decal / Sticker
Dark Jedi

Or add your own custom phrase:

Custom Play Station
PS3 Customized

You can even combine the two.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination when you choose Vinyl Disorder!

Please contact customer support for any further questions.

R1 Sticker Decal

Something on the Mind

Ever feel like you have something you want to say and share with the whole world?  One of the best ways to bring that idea into fruition is to make it into a decal / sticker.

You may want to apply it to your motorcycle:

R6 Sticker Decal
Sport Bike

Perhaps the windshield on your vehicle:

Subaru Windshield Decal
Window Lettering

If you want to maximize exposure, you may prefer the rear window instead:

Rear Window Customization
Tundra Rear Window

If you have any questions, please contact VinylDisorder.com Support.

Chef Vinyl Sticker

Customizing Your Cell Phone with Vinyl Decals and Stickers

Here’s an easy way to decorate your cell phone for less than five dollars:

Measure the height and the width of  the area on your cell phone on which you want to place your image.  Then, visit Vinyl Disorder and find your favorite picture, image,symbol or send us your own.

Chef Vinyl Sticker
Hungry Chef

Once received, place it on the back of your phone in the desired position.  Now your phone is one of a kind!

Transforming a Boy’s Bedroom

Taking an ordinary room, and changing it into a unique, artistic, and inspiring area is easily achieved when using VinylDisorder.com wall / window decals and stickers.

You may be wondering what to put on that blank canvas, but the real decision to make, is how much you want to spend.

Fortunately you can fill up a wall for much less than you would spend to hire a painter, and not have the hassle of wall paper.

Start with something like this:

Boy's Bedroom Wall
Children's Bedroom Wall

With a simple order, and a little install time, you can change it into something that your kid will love.

Venom Wall Decal Tear
Venom Tear

Vinyl Disorder’s Custom T-Shirt Printer

It’s our pleasure at Vinyl Disorder to announce our newest addition to our product line:

We can print almost any image on almost any kind of apparel made of at least 50% cotton!

If you have any questions, please contact customer support at: Support@VinylDisorder.com, or call Toll Free:  (866) 723-3726 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm PDT.

Custom SixStep Band T-Shirts Made by VinylDisorder.com

Upon the recent acquisition of a Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printer, one of our first orders was for a band by the name of SixStep.  They came to us looking for their usual order of stickers, and found that we had an apparel printer that was capable of wonderful things.

We printed two different designs for them on white t-shirts.  The first was just a simple black image on a white shirt:

Custom T-shirt

We then ran their colored image, which we here at VinylDisorder.com are quite proud of!

Sixstep Card Logo by Vinyl Disorder

We can’t wait to see the interesting varieties of projects that come to us next!

If you have any questions about custom apparel printing by VinylDisorder.com, please contact Customer Support.

Direct to Garment (DTG) Apparel Printing by Vinyl Disorder

Recently we acquired a Direct to Garment T-Shirt printer here at Vinyl Disorder.  This piece of technology is absolutely amazing.  Different from Silk Screen printing, the DTG (direct to garment) printer actually dyes the fabric using a special water based ink.

There are a few advantages to this process, and to our knowledge,only one disadvantage.  The design that’s printed on-or into the shirt will NEVER crack or peel.  You can dry them at high heat with the rest of your cottons and non-delicates, and they will fade at about the same rate as your fabric.  This means no more worrying about hang-drying your favorite shirts and sweatshirts / hoody!

The biggest advantage is the amount of detail you can get, and the beautiful vibrant colors you can attain.

Sixstep T-shirts by Vinyl Disorder

The one con, is that the garment or piece of apparel has to be at least fifty-percent cotton.

We are so very excited to see where this printer takes us, and what it can achieve for our customers and fans!