How to Order a Custom T-Shirt from

Did you know that ordering a custom t-shirt is just as easy as ordering a sticker or decal from Vinyl Disorder?

YouThe process is very simple, and only requires a few more steps than ordering a sticker.  First, start with an image of your choice:

Get a T-Shirt Made TodayThen click on the picture that says “Get this design on Apparel“:

The only thing left now, is to: Choose between T-Shirt and Sweatshirt.  Pick a size and color.  Decide how big you want the design, the color in which you would like, and the location that you would like the image placed (If the color you would like is not listed; you have questions on print locations, would like multiple print locations, or have any questions at all, you can email or call Toll Free: (866) 723 – 3726 .  Our hours of operation are 9am-5pm PDT, Monday – Friday.)

Now all that is left is to choose the quantity you desire, and proceed to checkout!

Standard turn around time from order reception, to delivery is 5-7 business days.


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