Direct to Garment (DTG) Apparel Printing by Vinyl Disorder

Recently we acquired a Direct to Garment T-Shirt printer here at Vinyl Disorder.  This piece of technology is absolutely amazing.  Different from Silk Screen printing, the DTG (direct to garment) printer actually dyes the fabric using a special water based ink.

There are a few advantages to this process, and to our knowledge,only one disadvantage.  The design that’s printed on-or into the shirt will NEVER crack or peel.  You can dry them at high heat with the rest of your cottons and non-delicates, and they will fade at about the same rate as your fabric.  This means no more worrying about hang-drying your favorite shirts and sweatshirts / hoody!

The biggest advantage is the amount of detail you can get, and the beautiful vibrant colors you can attain.

Sixstep T-shirts by Vinyl Disorder

The one con, is that the garment or piece of apparel has to be at least fifty-percent cotton.

We are so very excited to see where this printer takes us, and what it can achieve for our customers and fans!

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