Always Kiss Me Goodnight

One of our popular items here at Vinyl Disorder is the “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” wall quote.  It is offered in about 8 different varieties and can be applied to virtually any surface like your walls, furniture, windows, mirrors, etc.

Below are a few examples:


Kiss Me
This is our best seller. It has a nice mix of hand script and printed text, with a bit of a floral accent.


Kiss Goodnight
Another one of our best sellers. This one has more of a feminine style font, and covers a more square area.


Goodnight Kiss
This decal is popular due to the curves in the lettering. It’s easy on the eyes.

As you can see these decals are available in a wide range of colors and sizes; though the most common is a 36inch in black.

We are always adding more variety to our catalogs.  So be sure to check back frequently.

For more wall quotes please refer to our main wall quote library.

A Creature From Fantasy

Are you into Orcs and Goblins just like the ones depicted in books like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, or video games like World of Warcraft?

You can keep them around you not only in your mind, but within your sight with some Vinyl Disorder Decals.  We have many different styles of the two creatures wielding various combinations of weapons and shields, and showing a bunch of different evil, aggressive expressions.

Orc with Axe and Shield
An Orc wielding a one-handed axe and a shield

These decals can be applied not only to your walls, windows, or car body; they can also be applied to almost any surface including most electronics, furniture and appliances.

Orc and 2 handed weapon
An Orc wielding a 2 handed sword

For ideas please see our user examples.

Vinyl Disorder

Making Your Desk and Dresser Your Own

Ever walk into somebody’s house and see the same furniture that you bought at one of those big furniture outlets?  It makes your own seem less like something made for you.  But that problem is easily solved using custom vinyl decals!

You can take a plain black dresser, and add embellishments, floral patterns, tribal designs, skulls, flames, even your favorite band.  The possibilities really are only limited to what you can imagine.

Black dresser with white decals
White decals on a black dresser

Even if the design that you would like isn’t available in Vinyl Disorder’s catalog, you can submit your own.

Stick Figure Family

Some of the most popular items offered by Vinyl Disorder are our Stick Figure Family Kits.  These are offered in a wide variety of characters and symbols that have been prepared just for our customers.

There are many unique sets to chose from.  From Aliens and Anarchy symbols, to Fleur De Lis and Dirt Bikers, and everything in between.

Dirt Bike Kit
Dirt Bike Family Decal

These awesome family kits are also available in any way you wish to design them, using virtually any image from our website (some images may be too detailed to be used in family kit size).

The most popular family stick figure sticker that we sell is the Star Wars Family.  It is a great way to show how much love our customers and fans have for one of the greatest and most influential movies of all our time.

Star Wars Stick Figures
Star Wars Family Stick Figure Sticker
An Example of Stickers

The Difference Between a Decal and a Sticker

It has come to our attention that there are many people out there who misunderstand, or don’t know the difference between a vinyl die cut decal, and a vinyl sticker.

We offer both at Vinyl Disorder, and they are both great in their own ways and uses.

Let’s start with Stickers.  Stickers are printed onto a special kind of vinyl which allows the ink to penetrate the vinyl without running or bleeding.  Using the correct printers like the ones at Vinyl Disorder, you can achieve photo quality in sticker form.  They come in a couple levels of gloss, depending on what the application is.  Stickers tend to deteriorate after a good amount of time in the sun, and are best for a temporary, or indoor application.

An Example of Stickers
Here are a variety of stickers that we have printed at Vinyl Disorder

Now moving onto Die Cut Decals.  Die cut decals are are created on a machine that is designed to cut into vinyl, but not the paper backing that it rests on.  The vinyl that is used in the creation of these products is generally a single color.  The desired image is cut out, and any area that would be a blank back round on a sticker gets is removed.  This creates an awesome effect; especially on surfaces that are complimentary to the decal.  Our die cut decals last five years in direct sunlight, and will not crack or peel off of the surface that you apply it to; making them a great semi-permanent solution.

Vinyl Decals on a corrugated board at Vinyl Disorder
Here are some examples of what die cut decals look like. Notice the black back round.

As you can see both kinds of vinyl are used to accomplish awesome design effects; and we are always excited to see how new images and colors turn out on different surfaces!

City Skyline Mural

Take Pictures and Win

Have you heard of our Monthly Photo Contest at Vinyl Disorder?

We wanted to give our customers and fans another way to interact with us, so we created a photo contest which occurs every month, and rewards the best photo(s) with a credit that can be used toward any Vinyl Disorder product.

City Skyline Mural
New York City Skyline Recreated using Vinyl Disorder Decals / Stickers

All we require is a picture of your finished decal or sticker installation on whatever surface it may be, posted on our Facebook Page.  It’s that Simple!

Decals on Back Window
Band decals and stickers on the rear window of a truck

Customers who do not wish to go through the social network can email us their pictures to:

Vinyl Wall, Slick Up Your Decor

Your Wall needs love too!


With the online sale of vinyl decals and other types of custom signage, it has become easier and easier to purchase them. Whether you need magnetic signs, registration numbers, magnetic steps or custom wall lettering, you can design your own signage or have a team of designers do it for you with just a little playing with the mouse.Vinyl graphics can now be purchased online and following is a guideline on choosing the right company:

1- Wide range of offerings:

A variety of types of orders should be available at a good online custom sign shop. (One of my favorite is – make sure you check it out, they offer a wide variety Vinyl Stickers, Car Decals, Wall decals and anything you can send an image of)  For example, even if you need just wall graphics make sure that the shop contains custom vinyl decals, rear window decals, bumper stickers and auto decals.When you engage a full-service online sign company, it will cater to all your signage needs like custom banners, digital decals, custom signs and vehicle lettering.


A good online custom signage company will be time-effective in providing you with the on-demand printing at the best prices in less time. Three days is the maximum time when the final proof you have accepted is shipped to you. A shipping date should be provided in case of large orders and the company should work with you to fulfill your needs.

3- Warranties:

In these days of counterfeit products and false claims you should ask for guarantees. Just remember that many sign shops do not stand behind what they sell. The company should hence provide you with a limited one-year warranty against fading, failure or peeling even though custom vinyl decals and other signage can have their life cut due to unfavorable weather conditions. Vinyl Disorder Decals will last 6+ years outdoors and our indoor wall decals will last even longer!

4- Easy Design Steps

Your selected sign company should facilitate you to design your own custom vinyl decals.You should be able to easily write the text and apply sizing, spacing, color, shadow, border and other effects. You should also be able to upload any images and other designs within the interface.The best thing is to have a preview once in a while to see if you are proceeding in the right direction.

5- Quick Application:

Many times it happens that when the customers receive custom vinyl decals, they find it difficult to apply since there are no instructions provided with the products. When your order exceeds a certain limit, good online companies provide you with some of the materials as well as some instructions about how to execute the lettering. VinylDisorder.Com makes sure you have instructions with every order and orders over a certain amount receive a free squeegee to help with application.

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