Creating a New Room is Just a Vinyl Kit Away

Have you often looked around yourself and thought “hm, what can I do to add my own touch, and give this room its own identity?”

One way to accomplish this is to use some vinyl decal / sticker kits.  Vinyl Disorder offers a variety of Decal Kits for you to choose from to add some color and individuality to your rooms, windows, offices, or workplaces.

These decal kits range from:

Nautical Stars

Star Stickers
Nautical Star or Five Pointed Star Kit


Heart Stickers
Heart Wall Decal Kit

to Peace Signs

Peace Wall Stickers
Peace Sign Wall Decal Kit

Even Anarchy Symbols

Anarchy Vinyl Decals
Anarchy Wall Decal Kit

Please keep in mind that these decals can be applied virtually anywhere.  Not just on walls, but windows, vehicles, furniture, electronics, etc.  Theycome in a wide selection of sizes and quantities, and can be customized into almost any color combination using the vinyl colors that are offered on the website.  On top of it all; these kits are sold at a discount price in comparison to purchasing individual decals.

If you have questions concerning these Vinyl Wall Kits, please contact Vinyl Disorder.

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