Create Your Very Own Sticker

Most people have never heard of a sticker designer, let alone the one we created for our customers and fans at Vinyl Disorder; so we’re going to cover some of the basics for those of you who are interested in making your very own, unique, custom sticker for your business, sports team, or for your own personal enjoyment.

We will be using the Vinyl Disorder Sticker Designer to do this.

To begin, it is important to point out the fact that most consumers do not realize that a custom sticker can be as simple as a basic shape like a circle, with a single back round color, and some text like “Vote for Tom”.

The first step is to choose from a couple dozen shape templates.

Next, it is time to upload almost any image to use as your back round (keep in mind that JPEG images with a low resolution will begin to look pixelated as you exceed their organic size) you can also choose from one of our free clip art designs that are there just for your own creative use.

Now is a good time to add any text that you would like to be on the sticker.  There are many fonts to choose from.  A great tip to remember here is to hold the shift key when you are expanding or contracting selected items in your design.  This will keep everything to scale and prevent stretching.

From there, choose your back round and or border colors, and rotate your various design elements until you achieve the look you had imagined.

Fat Guyz Barbaque Team Sticker
An example of what can be designed / uploaded on our sticker designer.

All that is left to do now, is choose how many stickers you would like to be printed, and proceed to checkout.  Your stickers will now be printed on some of the best color printers and materials by our experts, who are passionate about everything that is created by Vinyl Disorder.

Keep in mind that you can upload any pre-designed sticker files that you may have to eliminate most of the design process.  You need only to choose your template, and align it.

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