Are Bumper Stickers a Thing of the Past?

It seems like these days, you see less decals and stickers on bumpers, and more on windows.  Is it because bumpers have been visually eliminated in the manufacturers designs?  Or is it just that people’s tastes have changed?

We happen to think that it’s a combination of the two.  You can’t deny that the only vehicles you really notice bumpers on, are trucks and SUVs.  Most car’s bumpers blend in very well with their rear panels, and don’t really draw attention like they used to.  They tend to flow with the curves of the vehicle these days, unlike the bumpers of older cars.

Let’s be real though.  People’s tastes have changed, along with modern styling.  Most prefer to draw more attention to the sleek curves of their tinted rear windows, which provide a higher contrast, and make decals and stickers “pop” even more.

Pro Street
Modern use of a “bumper sticker”

So, maybe bumper stickers are on the decline, but they have slowly transformed themselves into rear window stickers.  Changing and adapting to an evolving world, yet still being utilized to their full extent.

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