An Olympic Idea

Once every two years, we’re privileged to get to witness the best athletes on the planet compete against each other in the respective season’s Olympic Events.  This year it’s the Summer Games, and what an exciting set of competitions they are.

In cohesion with the  Summer Olympic Games, we figured we’d talk about Olympic style decals made by Vinyl Disorder.  From archery, cycling and diving, to gymnastics, track / field and wrestling.

balance beam girl

These decals are a great way to decorate a training area, kids rooms, and your vehicles.  They are made in two different high quality types of vinyl to suit your specific needs; depending on whether you are applying your decals to walls and furniture, or sticking them on windows, devices and vehicles.

bicycle pedaling

So what are you waiting for?  Celebrate your favorite Olympic Event, or Sport, and let the memories live on with a reminder placed in special place by you!



From Ordinary to Exraordinary

There’s a great way to take an ordinary object, or piece of furniture, and make it extraordinary; and that is using Vinyl Disorder Decals to modify their appearance.

This modifier can be applied to many surfaces. From objects like cell phones, ipads / tablets, and sports equipment; to things like dressers, desks, tables and appliances.  There are very few objects that decals will not adhere to.

The end result of your customization is dependent on your visualization and planning.  It’s all about having the idea of an image, pattern, symbol, or phrase; picturing it in your head, taking some measurements, and choosing the color(s) that you feel compliment the area.

Mopar Decal
A great example of custom vinyl work.

It’s always rewarding to get to enjoy the change of your item or area, and it gets you excited to start customizing other things in your life.

City Skylines

Do you have a favorite metropolitan vacation destination like London, Paris, Tokyo, or New York?  Maybe you grew up or live in a major city.  You can have have a view of that city’s skyline in your house or even on your vehicle with a Vinyl Disorder City Skyline Decal.

A View of Dallas
A great example of where you can apply your city skyline decal.

These City Skyline Decals are a great way to share the love you have for that particular place with friends, even strangers; while reminding you of your own memories or dreams that fuel your passion for that area.

The skyline of your choice can be made in sizes ranging from 6 inches, all the way up over 10 feet, and can be created in any color that is offered by Vinyl Disorder.

Remember that these decals (or stickers as some would call them) can be applied virtually anywhere you can imagine.  There are very few surfaces that these vinyl decals can’t be applied.  For more information on this, please see the Vinyl Disorder FAQ.

Custom In Loving Memory Decals

Today we will be going over the process of creating and ordering a custom In Loving Memory Decal from Vinyl Disorder.  These decals are a great way to honor a lost loved one, and remind you of the great memories you had with them.

The first thing you need to do is figure the size of the decal you require depending on the area you want to apply it to.  It is recommended that you use a measuring tape so you can fully visualize the appearance of your decal once it is installed.  This also covers the second step, which is to choose your material type.  If it is going to be applied to a vehicle, window, mirror, or an outdoor surface, your best bet is to choose car material.  For all other applications, wall material is suggested.

Now is a great time to choose which color you would like your decal to be created in according to the surface that you are applying it to.

There is an option to get the decal in a reversed image.  You would only select this if you want a mirror image of the decal, so it can be applied on the inside of a window facing out, or viewed by a reflection of something like a rear view mirror.

The next step is to go to go browse the Vinyl Disorder Category that best symbolizes your lost one (you can also preform a quick search at the top right of any page on Vinyl Disorder).  There are fields for three choices of images in case your you first one or two happen to be too detailed for the size of the decal that you are ordering.

Dog decal sticker
Just an example of what can be achieved through customization.

Now is the time to enter in the honored one’s name or nickname and dates of their cherished time spent with us here.  At this point you can also choose to add additional lines to your custom decal if there is anything else you want to state about the individual.  There is a field for “comments” so you can specify how you would like your extra text arranged, or if you want something in the decal altered (please note that some restrictions apply to alterations).

All that is left to do is to decide how many you would like to receive and proceed to checkout.  Your custom decals will be made specially for you and delivered to your door within two weeks!  Expedited orders are available.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Vinyl Disorder Customer Support Team.

Custom Wall Quote

Custom Vinyl Wall Quotes

Have you ever wanted to put your favorite saying, quote, or phrase in a location that suits its nature?  Whether it’s saying I love you in a special way, reinstating that positive idea, or reciting your business mission statement. Creating a custom vinyl wall quote is quick and easy with Vinyl Disorder.

Custom Wall Quote
An example of what can be achieved.

The first thing you need to do is pick your saying or quote, whatever it may be.  Next, measure the dimensions of the area in which you wish to place your phrase (Remember that the “length” of the decal is the longest side on of the arranged text.  The height of the letters varies depending on the font that is chosen).  Choose your size that is appropriate for your decoration area.

Now, choose your material type depending on the surface which you are applying your decal to. This is also a great time to decide which color you would like your decal to be.  We have many to choose from!

Be sure to figure out how many lines you want the quote to be arranged in to achieve the look you are aiming for.

Now you just need to visit a fantastic website called dafont.  It has thousands of free to download fonts.  Choose one.

On these custom quotes, you would only want to choose “reversed” if you wan the text to appear in a mirror image.  This is generally used for the front of vehicles, and the inside of glass, so the image appears regular when viewed from the proper angle.

That’s it, you’re done!  Just choose how many you would like, and proceed to checkout!  If you have any questions, please, contact us.