Custom In Loving Memory Decals

Today we will be going over the process of creating and ordering a custom In Loving Memory Decal from Vinyl Disorder.  These decals are a great way to honor a lost loved one, and remind you of the great memories you had with them.

The first thing you need to do is figure the size of the decal you require depending on the area you want to apply it to.  It is recommended that you use a measuring tape so you can fully visualize the appearance of your decal once it is installed.  This also covers the second step, which is to choose your material type.  If it is going to be applied to a vehicle, window, mirror, or an outdoor surface, your best bet is to choose car material.  For all other applications, wall material is suggested.

Now is a great time to choose which color you would like your decal to be created in according to the surface that you are applying it to.

There is an option to get the decal in a reversed image.  You would only select this if you want a mirror image of the decal, so it can be applied on the inside of a window facing out, or viewed by a reflection of something like a rear view mirror.

The next step is to go to go browse the Vinyl Disorder Category that best symbolizes your lost one (you can also preform a quick search at the top right of any page on Vinyl Disorder).  There are fields for three choices of images in case your you first one or two happen to be too detailed for the size of the decal that you are ordering.

Dog decal sticker
Just an example of what can be achieved through customization.

Now is the time to enter in the honored one’s name or nickname and dates of their cherished time spent with us here.  At this point you can also choose to add additional lines to your custom decal if there is anything else you want to state about the individual.  There is a field for “comments” so you can specify how you would like your extra text arranged, or if you want something in the decal altered (please note that some restrictions apply to alterations).

All that is left to do is to decide how many you would like to receive and proceed to checkout.  Your custom decals will be made specially for you and delivered to your door within two weeks!  Expedited orders are available.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Vinyl Disorder Customer Support Team.

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