What IS a sticker?

How is a vinyl sticker different from any other kind of sticker? First of all, vinyl stickers differ from paper stickers because they are weatherproof and waterproof and won’t have that mess of material falling apart when it gets wet. A vinyl sticker contains a design – it can be anything from a photograph to a personal or business design/logo – that is printed onto a sheet of vinyl. These stickers are usually cut to contour your design or in a shape such as an oval or square surrounding the image. They are a peel-and-stick pieces of vinyl with a backing that are easy to apply without any transfer tape or extra steps. They are a breeze to apply, just peel them from their backing and slap them on to any surface. To print our stickers we do digital printing, meaning we take your exact image and print it directly to our vinyl media. This makes for very clear images in the final product. Our printing process allows any photo to be printed as is, we do not alter it at all once the file is submitted and  approved by you!

If you have a custom design or logo that you would like printed as a vinyl sticker, send your image over to Sales@VinylDisorder.com or check out our custom sticker designer. We can print anything, any shape, any size, as many as you want, with only a $15 minimum! Vinyl Disorder is your one stop sticker shop!


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