Hunting Decals

  Vinyl Disorder Inc. carries a full selection of hunting decals, from fishing scenes, hunting scenes, and hunting equipment, to decals featuring the latest hunting slogans we could find. You will love our options, but if there is something you can find or if you would rather have a custom, be sure to let us know and we can probably make it up for you!
Just a few of the categories we have lots of selections are fishing decals and hunting slogans, just check out some of the great designs below!
  When thinking about hunting we first are inspired by thoughts of duck hunters shooting geese or blowing their horns trying to confuse unlucky ducks. Camouflaged in colors of an autumn forest scene and read to catch those unsuspecting flocks of birds or deer off guard so they can be made into seasonal fashions or if the hunter is honorable enough the kill is consumed in traditional hunter standard.
  Many hunters are left to wait between long seasons before it becomes convenient to hunt, especially with hunting schedules being what they are! So it would only seem right, to make your hunter in the family feel appreciated by getting them one our great wall decals for home or car! These decals are made with some of the best vinyl in the business and we know they are guaranteed high quality because we only get our vinyl from the best suppliers.
  So if you are looking to get these decals for a hunter in your family, or just to inspire a design with elements of classical hunting scenery and hunting action poses, you will the love our selection of hunting decal inventory.
  Some of the funny quotes to be found are “Born To Bowhunt”, “Bite Me”, “Dear Hunter”, “The Buck Drops Here”… And many more which are sure to get a laugh out of all the hunters and huntresses you know!

Tree Wall Decals

Looking for some great tree decals to spruce up an empty wall, or to compliment a natural design with matching colored designs for the relaxing effect that color flowing from one surface to the other provides?
  Well we have a huge selection of tree designs to choose from. And don’t be confused by the colors, you can pick any colors you want for your tree designs, of course many of them look good in the colors we chose for standard orders, all of the vinyl comes in standard colors because these are the colors that tend to work the best for a wide range of designs and styles no matter what.
  We also offer full color so don’t hesitate to take a great image and make it your next best wall decor masterpiece!
Check out some of these great tree designs in the gallery below, some of our favorites right here!
  As you can see if you had a chance to shop in our store, we have a huge selection of tree designs, but we are also not the only providers of great stock vector designs for wall decals.  You can combine our designs with yours or with one’s you have had produced by other artists. And there are some sites that offer vector images for good deals, just search “vector stock images” and you will find a plethora of great designs that can be purchased for very little money and made into a great decal.
 Tree decals are one of the best ways to use wall decals, when you are looking for an easy way to compliment and existing design without spending too much money, wall decals are the way to go!
 And one of  the other benefits is wall decals can be easily removed and updated for different seasons, as well as re-applied, which makes it the interior designers weapon of choice when getting a design that looks as good as can be!

Helmet Decals

  There are many different types of helmet decals such as batting helmet decals, firefighter helmet decals, racing helmet decals, baby helmet decals, hockey, football and many more helmet necessary jobs or sports.
  Maybe you would like a custom helmet decal? Custom decals are our specialty at vinyl disorder!
Custom Helmet
  We carry reflective media’s which are great for construction helmets, fire fighter helmets and any design where you are looking for a more official look!
  Choose from our wide selection of standard design categories to apply to your helmet decal application.
Here are some great ones to use featured in the gallery below, some of these are on walls in the picture but you must remember that any design in our store can be resized and used for whatever purpose you like, also they can be combined to complete your perfect design.

Yoga Wall Decals

Get ready to check out some of the best yoga wall decals on the web, we have a great selection of yogi in action wall decals that would look great in a studio, or on the wall of an exercise room, maybe in a gym, these decals look good just about anywhere.
As you can see below in the gallery, we mainly feature decals of people in differing poses common to those who have practiced yoga, but even more mysterious to those who have not seen these poses before.
Here is another great decal we offer called “keep calm and yoga on”, it is a nice twist on the keep calm and carry on decals, no pun intended.  Wink.
And of course you could always have a custom decal made up by one of our awesome graphic designers who can help you choose a custom font or you can choose one yourself from, if you own a yoga studio you can put these on the floor, wall or display them on structure in the front of your studio where appropriate. They are a perfect way to style your yoga place while still adhering to the minimalist attitude that yoga nurtures.
Maybe you want a custom “Namaste” decal for your car or house, there is really no limit but your imagination.
It’s really easy to find some great yoga graphic designs to use, the majority of photo and vector stock image providers allow you download and use these images royalty free as long as you are not trying to publish or resale them.
Here is one great website we have found that provides great vector images to use: VECTOR STOCK YOGA VECTORS

Enjoy these great designs.

Dropship Wall Decals

Looking for a drop shipping supplier for wall decals, custom decals, car decals or any type of decals? Well you looked in the right place!

 Vinyl Disorder Inc. offers a complete drop shipping service to cater to small and large business vendors who wish to carry their own line of decals or resell our decals in their own store.
  Drop shipping is the process where the supplier of the product handles the manufacturing, storage and shipment of the order and the seller only handles the transaction through whatever channels that particular seller has decided to employ. This process enables many people to own and operate their own business without ever touching the product and at a much lower start up cost than compared to the majority of business ideas.
 On the other hand some manufacturers who would like to expand their offerings but do not have the facilities or experience to handle the expansion, can afford to do it anyway, because it only requires a good partnership and the time and effort required to sell whatever it is the dropship supplier is providing.
  So as you can tell, dropshipping is the perfect and best solution to a variety of sales and manufacturing complexities which were much more difficult to process in the days before internet domination.
   Check out this cool infographic detailing our dropship process.
  Another thing we can do for regular customers with predictable quantities and proven track record is offer a quantity discount that we negotiate based on the details and if it’s a regular order or not. It helps to know for sure how complex the design is going to be to be able to offer discounts because when the requirements change then so does the price.
 There are so many ways to profit off of the decal industry in general and our dropshipping service can be your biggest partner! Also remember we are not to big to cater to our clients and at the same time have provided decals for such customers as Fry’s Electronics, Electronic Arts, Hyatt Hotels, Holiday Inn and so many more, so you can be sure you will receive a quality unmatched by our competitors.
  We guarantee our dropshipping service will be the only dropshipping decal supplier you will need. Thanks for checking us out!

Construction Decals

Vinyl Disorder Inc. carries a full line of construction wall decals, construction site wall decals, construction equipment wall decals and construction vehicle decals.

  We have full color and die cut construction decals to choose from. We also feature some farming construction equipment, cranes and some street construction vehicle decals.
  When we see large construction vehicle’s out on the street or at a site, we immediately think of the majestic high rises of New York city or Las Vegas Hotels. Heavy duty construction and urban sprawl has built great fortunes as well as taken many failures to learn from. But as human beings we are meant to build things and make our communities a reflection of our personal well being, or quality of life!
  So it’s only appropriate that heavy duty construction equipment should take a central stage within the consciousness of so many whether young or old.
  Check out some of the great construction decal designs we carry in the gallery below.
  We also carry a full range of full color construction equipment decals, check out a few of these great designs below.
  And if those don’t satisfy your needs we can always create custom construction decals which we only need an image which can be converted to vector format or an image that is already been converted to vector design format which allows the design to be as scaled as you would like.
  Maybe you are searching for hard hat decals, we carry a full line of quotes and custom elements, accents or embellishment’s to compliment whatever design you have in mind, just send us the text for the custom decal and we will customize it to your liking.
  If you need smaller equipment like construction tools, we have those as well, some of the categories we carry are listed below.

  Any of the above listed decals will work on helmets, hard hats, kids room wall decor, construction warehouse or just about anywhere you can imagine. Our decals are made out of the highest quality vinyl at the most affordable price in the industry, they are extremely durable, long lasting and have a high quality finish.

Don’t hesitate to send us your custom image, artwork or anything that can even include full color images for your next construction decal project.

  Thanks for reading and keep those hammers swinging!

Zombie Hunting Permit Stickers

Looking for a Zombie hunting permit? Well you have looked in the right place, we carry a full ranger of zombie hunting permit decals to let all the zombies know you are a certified zombie killer and you mean business.  We have official united states zombie hunting stickers not just a slogan, but realistic permits which is the only way to go when purchasing these permits.
  Everyone knows zombies are everywhere, and you will benefit by being one of the few prepared for a zombie attack when that time come’s, everyone will know you are a designated zombie killer with these great looking decals or stickers.
As you can see in the gallery below, these zombie permits are for a state by state basis, if you don’t see your state in there already we will custom make it for you in the same style shown, or if you really want to customize your order then you can send us over your custom artwork and have a fully unique zombie hunting permit. That custom option is good if you have your own zombie hunting team and want to have more than just the permits, we also can make vinyl heat transfers for apparel and fabric, so you can really customize your team’s gear through Vinyl Disorder.
  This is the call,  it’s the time for all zombie hunters to show they are ready and unite to battle the impending zombie apocalypse, even the CDC has a preparedness page and we don’t take it lightly! So check out the permits and get one for your whole family!

Gymnastics Decals

We love our gymnasts, the combination of raw physical prowess and ballerina like movements make gymnastics decals easily one of our favorite designs to look at, whether on the wall of any room, or gracing the halls of your favorite gym.

 It’s easy to see why gymnists look so good as decals, there are seven different types of gymnastic styles which are women’s artistic, men’s artistic, rhythmic, trampoline, tumbling, acrobatic and group.
Check out some our great gymnastics designs in the gallery below.
Those are just a few of the designs we carry, you can order them in any custom color, and if you have an aspiring gymnast in your family then they would probably be even more inspired by a great decal which can be put on a wall, car, or just about anywhere.
 Another reason to get gymnastics decals is if you own a gym, or a gymnastics studio. There is no better way to decorate a gym than with some great silhouettes of athletes in action. These art forms will inspire and remind the people in your class or at your workout gym, just how good it will be to achieve proficiency in whatever it is they practicing.
  So if you want to make your gym one of the best, then don’t forget to add some great decals to the walls, decals are a long lasting way to impress all of your guests.
Don’t forget we also offer full color decals as well and can make any custom design as long as you send it to us in a svg format which allows us to scale the artwork to any size imagined.
Thanks for reading, and happy training!

Custom Decals

Looking for custom decals? Well look no further, we are the premier company offering custom vinyl decals for the last 8 years online. We have worked with such clients as Fry’s Electronics, Paychex, Electronic Arts, Link Share Hulu, Nordstrom’s, Refinery 29, Github as well as Montessori schools, Mission Crossfit, C20 Coconut Water, Kevin Murphy, Those are just a few of the clients we work with here at Vinyl Disorder and at the same time we are never too busy to help even the smallest client receive the same high quality service that we offer our biggest customers.
   We have made some great decals for these clients, but the custom decals business is more about serving those customers with specific needs.  Sometimes people will send us their own artwork, other time’s we create custom artwork for them. We have the ability to custom quote orders for combinations of artwork and decal or sticker creation, which make’s us uniquely positioned to handle orders with variable requirements at differing quantities.
Here are some of the great custom decals we have made over the years featured in the image gallery below.
   One of the most popular categories is custom car decals. Vinyl Disorder has done thousands of custom designs for cars, sometimes it’s for custom quotes, other times it’s for a custom band name, or a business.  Check out some of the great custom car jobs we have done below.



  Another great way to order custom vinyl transfer that is for apparel, we have the special media for vinyl heat transfers which work perfectly for fabrics and apparel. Check out some of these great designs we have done.
  Custom bicycle decals are one of the coolest ways to give your bike a unique look and impress other riders or just people you pass on the street. Check out some of the great decals our customers have ordered in the gallery below.
  Not every boat is created equal, we have all seen a nice boat in the harbor or out at sea, and there is nothing nicer on a boat than a custom logo to compliment it’s owner’s taste or tell someone you love them, there are plenty of reasons people give their boat a special name which is why we suggest ordering a decal to commemorate your boat.  Check out some of these awesome custom boat decals we have made in the gallery below. Aside from that you may want to order custom decals for your boat registration as well.
  Aside from all those cool ways to use decals we make decals for business hours, custom business lettering, and any business is better suited to promote itself with some decals. For putting them on fleet vehicles, giving them to customers to remember you by, or just to put up in places where you have been approved to advertise, vinyl decals are the best way to get long lasting exposure and impress your customers.
So if you are looking for custom decals you have come to the right place, check out all the great embellishments and accents that can be added to your production, and think about the fact that most design elements in our site can be added to your artwork as well, we only use svg for our templates so anything we have in the store is completely scaled up or down to fit the requirements of your design.
Let us know if you have any questions!

Custom Drum Head Decals

Looking to create your own drum head art or band logo, you’ve come to the right place, you may order your custom decals through our site.

You are already on stage in front of all those fans, some new, some old. The best way to impress the followers is to get some great vinyl decals with your custom band logo, or whatever message your trying to send.

Also we do accept custom orders by email at or by phone: 1-866-723-3726. Our die-cut decals are of the finest quality, your drum head decals will last as long as your drum heads with wearing down like traditional paper medias, vinyl decals are the industry standard for media rich presentation in entertainment and just about anything else you can think of.

But wait, there’s more! When you order a high volume of vinyl decal band merchandise, then we can offer volume discounts, so don’t hesitate to get all your decals made by us, and order them all at once!Just contact us and we’d be happy to help you. We also make full color stickers and full color decals, combined with our personalized service and quick turnaround, make’s us the go to company for your band project!

Thanks for reading!

Drum Head Decals