Keep Calm Decals

Keep Calm and drink whatever it is you like to drink, they have gained in popularity recently, and we are happy to have had them available for a while now!

The origin of this slogan comes from the British Ministry of Information, it was supposed to raise the morale of the British public in the wake of predicted air raids on major cities.

The original piece was a red poster of the British crown placed above the words “keep calm and carry on”.

The slogan was rediscovered in the year 2000 and has made a healthy showing with thousands of variations from funny to inspirational, plus everything in between.

The one’s that we have found that are the most popular are listed below.

We love these, from when we see them on a car while were out driving, to when were chilling at a friends house, they always brighten our day.

So the moral of the story is, you don’t have to be British to appreciate these great slogans.

They are one of the most popular slogans for good reason, everyone gets a kick out of them, and they never get old.

Lastly they are even better when you add your own custom variation, so don’t hesitate to think up the next best keep calm decals and have them made.


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