Zombie Decals

Zombie Decals are an awesome way to tell people that zombies are going to take over the world, even more than already have! Everybody knows zombies are everywhere and could be anybody, it’s time we show the zombies were ready for them, and the best method to getting way of getting people’s attention is with some cool Zombie art.
We have a wide variety of Zombie designs which can be put just about anywhere. Listed below are some of our favorite Zombie styles.
Those are just a handful, there are many many more to be found on the Vinyl Disorder zombie decals home page.
If you haven’t found a zombie decal to your liking, you can always obtain your own custom artwork and order it from us. All you need is a .ai or .eps file which can be used to make a decal of any size, or an image file that is very close to the size you want. Regular image files cannot be scaled up because they lose their resolution as you scale them up.
Here are some samples of the Zombie Decals listed above.



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