Zombie Hunting Permit Stickers

Looking for a Zombie hunting permit? Well you have looked in the right place, we carry a full ranger of zombie hunting permit decals to let all the zombies know you are a certified zombie killer and you mean business.  We have official united states zombie hunting stickers not just a slogan, but realistic permits which is the only way to go when purchasing these permits.
  Everyone knows zombies are everywhere, and you will benefit by being one of the few prepared for a zombie attack when that time come’s, everyone will know you are a designated zombie killer with these great looking decals or stickers.
As you can see in the gallery below, these zombie permits are for a state by state basis, if you don’t see your state in there already we will custom make it for you in the same style shown, or if you really want to customize your order then you can send us over your custom artwork and have a fully unique zombie hunting permit. That custom option is good if you have your own zombie hunting team and want to have more than just the permits, we also can make vinyl heat transfers for apparel and fabric, so you can really customize your team’s gear through Vinyl Disorder.
  This is the call,  it’s the time for all zombie hunters to show they are ready and unite to battle the impending zombie apocalypse, even the CDC has a preparedness page and we don’t take it lightly! So check out the permits and get one for your whole family!

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