Yoga Wall Decals

Get ready to check out some of the best yoga wall decals on the web, we have a great selection of yogi in action wall decals that would look great in a studio, or on the wall of an exercise room, maybe in a gym, these decals look good just about anywhere.
As you can see below in the gallery, we mainly feature decals of people in differing poses common to those who have practiced yoga, but even more mysterious to those who have not seen these poses before.
Here is another great decal we offer called “keep calm and yoga on”, it is a nice twist on the keep calm and carry on decals, no pun intended.  Wink.
And of course you could always have a custom decal made up by one of our awesome graphic designers who can help you choose a custom font or you can choose one yourself from, if you own a yoga studio you can put these on the floor, wall or display them on structure in the front of your studio where appropriate. They are a perfect way to style your yoga place while still adhering to the minimalist attitude that yoga nurtures.
Maybe you want a custom “Namaste” decal for your car or house, there is really no limit but your imagination.
It’s really easy to find some great yoga graphic designs to use, the majority of photo and vector stock image providers allow you download and use these images royalty free as long as you are not trying to publish or resale them.
Here is one great website we have found that provides great vector images to use: VECTOR STOCK YOGA VECTORS

Enjoy these great designs.

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