Glow in the Dark Decals and Stickers

Everyone remembers glow in the dark stickers from their childhood or from the chore of parenting, they are the special stickers we get when we get rewarded for good behavior, they are the universe that comes to life on our ceiling when the lights go out, they can be used in a variety of ways not just for decorating, so we can definitely say most of us love glow in the dark decals!

  All glow in the dark objects contain a substance known as phosphor, there are thousands of chemical created by chemists that can behave as phosphors.   All of these chemicals are known for having to be “charged”, so if you leave the object in the sun or under a light bulb, it collects energy which is then used up when the lights go out!   What an interesting process right?
  At Vinyl Disorder Inc. we have created this large collection of vinyl glow in the dark stars, you can use these indoors or outdoors and they will give you years of satisfaction.   As you can see in the gallery below, these star designs are made for interior decorating, combining with other designs from our store, or just generally anywhere you see fit.
  It should be mentioned that you can order any of the decals in our store using the glow in the dark color, of course they will always be white because this is the only color that can absorb the light for the phosphors to be activated, but don’t worry, we have the ability to make any custom design in black with the glowing white part showing through, or we can make custom quotes using the glow media, which will leave a massive glowing impression for your glow in the dark delight.

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