Greek Letter Wall Decals

   It’s that time again, once a year the sorority’s and frat’s get their housing ready for the parties, competitions and just general decorating for the year.  When you decorate these type’s of establishment’s there is one thing you need to keep in mind, and that is the amount of people that will come in and out of a frat or sorority house, and that money needs to be saved for important things.
  So when it come’s to decorating your sorority with custom lettering decals, and coat of arms, you can really count on vinyl wall decals to get the job done easily and still looking like a high end designer did the job.  The other advantage that decals provide is there high durability and the ability to make sure that your designs come out looking exactly as you specify, you can’t always count on a paint artist to be able to complete this task, and you are sure to spend more money, and if anyone runs into the way they will be able to scratch the paint off easily, but decals tend to stand up to more beatings than that.
  Greek letter characters are not always easy to find at your local hardware store, and even if they were, they just won’t look as good as custom decals, plus you have the benefit of being able to personalize your wall with more than just lettering but whatever your own message of motivation might be for that year, you could even order fabric wall decals which are removable and reusable which can really come in handy at a sorority or frat house.
  Check out some of the perfect Greek lettering decals in the gallery below, you can order these in our store,  just click here -> Greek lettering decals.

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