What is a Die Cut Decal?

Die cut decals are what you see on cars and walls, they are usually a single color, but they can also be two or three color designs sometimes but we are generally referring to single color designs because most of the mult-colored designs are printed for the sake of saving costly time, it’s worth noting that the price difference between printed and single color decals is minimal, it is only a matter of preference and the amount of detail which will dictate how much time it take’s to prepare a design by weeding out the reverse cut, you can imagine how much longer a bed of grass will take than a quick mountain horizon, the more angle’s to work around means more time spent in removing the extra vinyl.

  The process of die cutting was first established in the business of Italian shoe making, eventually this process evolved to encompass thinner media’s like paper and vinyl, but originally it was only used for pressing the different leather parts for high end shoe’s, interesting to see how far this process has come, today you can order die cut decals and stickers from thousands of manufacturers all using different equipment, this is truly an innovative industry and we are sure to see even more advances in the way single color vinyl decals are created in the future.
  Die cut decals are perfect for labels, logo’s, event banner’s, the uses are endless really, people tend to put them on cars or the walls of business’s and home’s. Check out some of the fine work we have done here at Vinyl Disorder in the gallery showing below.
  Any time you are trying to add something simple to embellish your home decor or maybe just your car, whatever your trying to add to, single color die cut decals are one of those perfect tactics you can use to make your design match and give your car or home a more personalized look, most people that have seen decals and know what they are decide that decals are the best way to get these projects looking just right, it’s not easy to add custom paint to anything and when you use die cut decals you can remove them if they don’t stand up to the test of time, or if you order our indoor vinyl you can even reuse them.
  So don’t think twice when ordering die cut decals from Vinyl Disorder, we are here to help you get exactly what you need and our personalized customer service will definitely satisfy your needs.   Just contact us for a quote, or have a look at our massive selection of over 70,000 designs, we know you will love this collection.

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