What does “vector file” mean?

Lately we have been getting a lot of questions regarding our service offered to get a design converted into a vector file. A vector graphic is a file where every line and curve in the graphic has a specific path. This path has an equation, much like geometry you used in school. This makes it so that when you increase the graphic, all of the paths will stay the same because it will just be entered into the equation and keep the proportions regardless of how big or small you make it – it will maintain the clean and sharp look no matter what. When you increase an image that does not have a path like this, the image can become blurry, or “pixelated”. When an image becomes blurry, the print is not at the best quality it could be. Words become unreadable and small details will be lost in the pixelization. Below is an example of a vector file vs. a raster graphic.


So, if you have a vector file ready for custom orders, that is great! Perfect! If not, you can always send whatever image you can to us and we will take a look at it and see how we can help make it the clearest possible image. We want your custom decal to look perfect!

With printed stickers, we can use any file pretty much as long as the design is the size that you are looking for. When these stickers actually get printed out, they will look exactly as they do on the screen when you look at them. If you are okay with that, and you give us your approval, then we will print them as is!

If you have any questions or want to see how much it would cost to make your design a vector file, please let us know and we can let you know! We are available through email (support@vinyldisorder.com) phone (866) 723-3726 and LiveChat at the bottom right corner of your screen. We would love to help and are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm PST!

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