Decal Kits – Decorate a Whole Room on a Budget!

It can be a little overwhelming to come up with a fresh design scheme for certain rooms in your home. Pulling pieces together from a variety of different sources is time-consuming and expensive, and it’s hard to get everything to match perfectly. For an easier and more affordable solution, go with a decal kit from Vinyl Disorder. These kits solve your redecorating issues quickly and efficiently by giving you a large-scale theme that can be spread throughout the room to tie everything together.

Each of the vinyl decal kits available at Vinyl Disorder comes with multiple decals, all of which complement each other in theme and color. You can get an adorable moon and stars theme or ladybugs for a child’s room or opt for something modern and chic like cubes or diamonds for a living room or kitchen. Other options include music notes, hearts and diamonds. There are also some retro-themed decal kits which instantly give your room a vintage look. All of these choices ensure that just about anyone can find a decal kit that suits their style sensibilities.

Decal kits can be used in a variety of ways, making them one of the most dynamic choices for vinyl wall decals. For example, you might create a flowing line of decals across one wall or place clusters of decals in each corner. Some customers stack the decals close together to create a bold style statement on one part of the wall, while others prefer to spread them out sporadically through the space. So in addition to getting new elements to add to your walls, you also get to come up with a design scheme that suits you perfectly.

When ordering a decal kit from Vinyl Disorder, you’ll get all the pictured pieces for one low price. That makes it incredibly affordable for decorating purposes, especially since you’d spend much more on individual pieces of art to cover the same amount of space on your walls. When ordering, you’ll also get to select the size and colors for your decal kit to make sure it’s a perfect match for your space. Check out all the unique vinyl decal kits available at Vinyl Disorder to find one that will make it possible for you to complete your room makeover on a tight budget.


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