How to Use Fingernail Art Decals

Do you love the look of nail art? Trying to recreate this trendy look is pretty difficult to say the least. It takes a trained professional to apply it by hand, but the prices for these services have skyrocketed in recent years. Fortunately, Vinyl Disorder offers an easy and affordable solution with fingernail art decals. These decals may be some of the smallest ones available on the site, but they can still make a big impact. Each set comes with enough decals to cover each of your fingernails with an appropriately sized design. They are endlessly adorable and incredibly chic; no one will notice that they’re not actually painted on, but you still get that customized nail art look.

So how do you use this new form of nail art? Here’s an easy how-to guide to applying your new nail designs quickly and efficiently:

  1. Wash your hands to get rid of any dirt or excess oils.
  2. Paint your nails in your preferred color. Allow the nails to dry completely.
  3. Arrange your nail designs in the correct order for each hand. This helps to keep them from getting mixed up while you apply them.
  4. Peel off the backing paper from the first fingernail decal. Set it directly on the nail and press down to adhere.
  5. Continue until each fingernail has a design on it.
  6. Apply a layer of clear coat over the nails to protect the vinyl.

It’s as easy as that! But don’t forget that fingernail art decals are necessarily limited to fingernails. You could also use them on your toenails if you like using the same process described above. Beyond that, you can apply them to any smooth surface just like other vinyl decals from Vinyl Disorder. Use them anywhere that a small decal would be a stylish touch, like on your cell phone case, on your laptop or on a reusable water bottle. The options are endless with these cool and trendy decals.


Crafty Decals for the Hobbyist in Your Home

When you can barely tell your home’s décor apart from your neighbors, it’s time to switch things up. Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy new furniture, invest in expensive decorative pieces or even repaint the walls. The solution is much simpler: craft decals from Vinyl Disorder. Our wall decals in this category cover all types of areas where you want a punch of color and creativity. You’ll be able to make your space feel totally unique without having to do a complete makeover, which saves both time and money.

You’ll find a wide variety of craft decals for walls and other surfaces at Vinyl Disorder. These designs range from the cute and clever to those that are completely sophisticated and elegant. No matter what kind of tone you want to add to a room, you can find it here. Some of the decals have practical purposes as well as a stylish look, and with a custom decal, you can add a personalized touch to any smooth surface.

Need some inspiration for how to use your craft decals from Vinyl Disorder? Here are some of our top design inspiration ideas:

  • Appliance decals: Did you know you can add these to a fridge, washing machine or even the toilet to add style to a normally boring part of your décor?
  • Calendar decals: Keep track of all the many events and activities in your schedule with a stylish calendar grid for your wall.
  • Chalkboard decals: Write down the dinner menu or post a cool quote on the wall each week.
  • Chandelier decals: Use this when you want a room to feel elegant and luxurious.
  • School craft labels: Keep things organized quickly and easily with these stick-on labels.
  • Monogram decals: Add your family initial to the wall to make your house feel more like a home.

Those are just some of the many stylish craft decals you’ll find at Vinyl Disorder. Choose your favorite designs and customize them with your preferred size and color to get a fresh new look in any space.

Redecorating Your Game Room

Do you have a game room where family members like to retreat for some fun? Since this space is all about relaxation and good times, it’s only fitting that it has a cool design scheme as well. So if your game room is currently pretty plain, it’s time to check out some game room vinyl wall decals from Vinyl Disorder. These unique vinyl wall decals can be added anywhere in your game room where you want a splash of color or creativity. They bring lots of fun and style to the space without having to make any major renovations.

A game room can be just about anything you like. Maybe it’s all about video games, or perhaps it’s the space where everyone goes to watch sports. A game room can also be a great place to enjoy other types of games, like arcade games, pool, darts and more. However, you like to use your game room, you’ll be able to find wall decals that perfectly fit both your wall space and your theme when you shop at Vinyl Disorder.

If you’re looking for some style inspiration, consider these decal options for decorating a game room:

  • Sports decals: Just about any sport can be found in this collection, including everything from baseball and football to billiards, chess and darts.
  • Embellishment decals: These wall decals are great for adding some stylish touches here and there, like scroll accents or frames.
  • Custom wall quote decals: If you want to add your own flair to the space, add a quote by a famous athlete or a lyric from your favorite song.
  • Food and beverage decals: Let’s face it – lots of snacks and treats are likely eaten in the game room, so why not add a few food and drink decals to the walls?
  • Adult decals: If your game room is for grownups only, you might want to check out this cool collection, which includes gambling decals.

Don’t forget that any decal from Vinyl Disorder can be customized according to the size and color that you need. Wall decals are also removable, so you’ll be able to switch up your look for the game room quickly and easily. Browse all of our vinyl decal collections at Vinyl Disorder to find the perfect fit for your game room.

Using Wall Decals to Decorate a Girl’s Room

Every little girl deserves to feel special. Whether you’re decorating a room for a baby, a toddler, a little kid or a teen, you can find something that fits her personality perfectly when you browse our vinyl wall decal collections at Vinyl Disorder. We have a little bit of everything to ensure that no matter what she likes, she can have a unique addition to her walls to make her room feel like a personalized and precious space.

There are many benefits of choosing a wall decal to decorate a girl’s room. First, it’s an easy and affordable way to give her room a “makeover.” No paints, no nails, no expensive artwork is required, just a quick peel and stick application. Furthermore, the removable material makes it easy to change her room as she grows and changes, too. She might not always be into ballet or fairies or tigers, but having a vinyl wall decal means that you can easily remove the design when she’s ready to move onto something new. And because they’re affordable, you won’t lose money when decorating to her tastes.

Need some inspiration for decorating your girl’s room with a wall decal? Here are some of the many options you’ll find at Vinyl Disorder:

  • Sports decals for a girl who loves soccer, ballet, field hockey or any other physical activity
  • Animal decals featuring all her favorite creatures, like cats, butterflies, ponies, penguins, apes and otters
  • Chalkboard decals that let her be creative and come up with fun drawings and words on her very own bedroom walls
  • Vehicle decals with cool cars, trains, airplanes and other things that make her dream of exciting travel
  • Fantasy decals featuring dragons, elves, fairies and all kinds of other magical beings to spark her imagination
  • Service men and women decals that remind her of her biggest heroes, like soldiers and firefighters
  • Custom lettering decals that let her add her name or a favorite song lyric to her walls

These and so many other fun wall decals can be found at Vinyl Disorder. You should have no problem finding something that truly fits your little girl’s personality. Browse all our collections to find something that will make her room feel like a special place.