How to Use Fingernail Art Decals

Do you love the look of nail art? Trying to recreate this trendy look is pretty difficult to say the least. It takes a trained professional to apply it by hand, but the prices for these services have skyrocketed in recent years. Fortunately, Vinyl Disorder offers an easy and affordable solution with fingernail art decals. These decals may be some of the smallest ones available on the site, but they can still make a big impact. Each set comes with enough decals to cover each of your fingernails with an appropriately sized design. They are endlessly adorable and incredibly chic; no one will notice that they’re not actually painted on, but you still get that customized nail art look.

So how do you use this new form of nail art? Here’s an easy how-to guide to applying your new nail designs quickly and efficiently:

  1. Wash your hands to get rid of any dirt or excess oils.
  2. Paint your nails in your preferred color. Allow the nails to dry completely.
  3. Arrange your nail designs in the correct order for each hand. This helps to keep them from getting mixed up while you apply them.
  4. Peel off the backing paper from the first fingernail decal. Set it directly on the nail and press down to adhere.
  5. Continue until each fingernail has a design on it.
  6. Apply a layer of clear coat over the nails to protect the vinyl.

It’s as easy as that! But don’t forget that fingernail art decals are necessarily limited to fingernails. You could also use them on your toenails if you like using the same process described above. Beyond that, you can apply them to any smooth surface just like other vinyl decals from Vinyl Disorder. Use them anywhere that a small decal would be a stylish touch, like on your cell phone case, on your laptop or on a reusable water bottle. The options are endless with these cool and trendy decals.

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