How to Choose Wall Stickers for Kids


The right bedroom decorations can make kids happier and help them feel safe in their own space. A childhood bedroom is often the place where children first start expressing their own interests and personalities. Help your little one turn his or her room into something truly special by shopping the selection of wall stickers for kids from Vinyl Disorder. We offer a large collection of vinyl wall decals that your child will love. They come in all kinds of different designs, sizes, shapes and colors to suit any preference. In addition to looking great, our wall decals are also incredibly durable and easy to use. Each one is crafted from high-quality vinyl and backed with adhesive that is safe to use on interior walls without damaging paint. Shop the entire selection of wall decals to find the perfect kids’ wall decorations.

Animal and Mythical Creature Kids’ Wall Decals


Most children are fascinated by animals. Little girls like puppies, kittens and horses while little boys prefer bugs, dinosaurs and other ferocious creatures. You’ll find all of this and more in our selection of animal wall decals. Create an entire jungle by pairing snake decals with tiger decals, monkey decals and frog decals. An under the sea theme is easy with shark decals, fish decals and dolphin decals. Our decals shaped like cows, horses, pigs and sheep are perfect for creating a farm-themed room. If your little one prefers fantastical creatures, we also offer mythical creature wall decals that are shaped like dragons, unicorns and fairies.

Nature Wall Stickers


Complete your jungle or other outdoor scene with our series of nature wall decals. This collection is filled with tree decals, cactus decals and cloud decals. For your little girl, we also have a huge selection of flower decals. In addition to plant life decorations, we also offer space decals for your future astronaut. Create an entire outer space scene complete with stars and planets with these out of this world decals. Other nature scenes include oceans, mountains, deserts, lightning and grass.

Sports Wall Stickers for Children


Most little boys and many little girls love playing sports. Easily give your child a sports-themed bedroom with our selection of sports wall decals. Some of the sports included in our collection include baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, tennis and football. We even carry decals for more unconventional sports, such as gymnastics, track and field, golf, hockey and rugby. There are decals for any little surfers out there, ballet wall decals, cheerleading decals and fishing wall decals.

Pop Culture Wall Decals for Teenagers


If you’re looking for decorations for a teenager’s room, you may find what you need in our collection of pop culture wall decals. This selection is filled with decals based on bands, movies, celebrities and social media. Your teenager will love decorating his or her walls with decals inspired by favorite musicians, TV shows and pop culture references. We also carry several different funny phrase decals that are sure to make your teen laugh.

Kids’ Wall Décor for Boys and Girls of All Ages


No matter what your child’s interests and hobbies, you’re sure to find the perfect bedroom decorations in the selection of children’s wall decals from Vinyl Disorder. Shop the entire collection to find all of the decals listed here and much more.


Custom Beer Labels for Breweries

Make sure that the labels on the beer bottles from your brewery are just as good as what’s inside the bottles by designing custom beer labels with Vinyl Disorder. Your customers will know right away that they’ve found a delicious bottle of beer when they see the special label you’ve created. It couldn’t be any easier to make use of our custom sticker tool to upload your images or other files and have us print your custom design onto adhesive vinyl stickers. Create different custom craft beer labels for each flavor of beer that your brewery produces. Choose from several sizes and shapes to further personalize your bottle labels. You can even choose from a variety of specialty sticker materials if you’d prefer something more eye-catching than a simple glossy or matte label. Once you’ve designed your stickers, you can also find décor for your brewery in our selection of beer wall decals.

How to Upload Your Beer Label Design


It doesn’t matter whether you have a completely finished design or just a half-formed idea of what you’d like your personalized beer bottle label to look like. Our graphic design experts can help you take even the vaguest ideas and turn them into fully designed labels. All you need to do is upload your logo and any images you do have when you place your order. You can even upload photos if that’s what you’d like to have printed on your beer labels. If you need some extra guidance, be sure to contact our knowledgeable customer service team to get professional design assistance.

Shape and Size Options


Traditionally, beer bottle labels are rectangular in shape and wrap around the circumference of the bottle. If this is how you’d like your personalized beer bottle labels to look, shop our custom rectangle stickers. If you’d prefer a different shape, we also offer our custom stickers in a variety of different shapes. Some good options include round stickers, oval stickers, square stickers and even cut-to-shape stickers that can be die-cut in any shape of your choosing. Each of these custom sticker shapes comes in a variety of different sizes from which you can choose when you place your order.

Specialty Beer Bottle Sticker Options


Our regular custom stickers come in glossy and matte finish options. You can also choose from other finishes, such as satin and reflective. Or, opt for clear beer bottle labels for a look that stands out. If none of these are quite eye-catching enough for your taste, check out our specialty custom stickers. Our specialty beer label materials include over-the-top choices such as glow-in-the-dark stickers, gold leaf, chrome, glitter and even brushed aluminum beer bottle labels. If your label design calls for something more than simple printed vinyl, be sure to consider one of these options instead.

Other Stickers and Decals for Breweries


Once you’ve made your own beer labels, your next concern is decorating your brewery and finding ways to advertise your beers. Shop our selection of beer decals and stickers to find many great brewery décor options. Customize a set of beer mug decals in order to add special text or an image, such as your logo to the beer glasses you use at your bar. We also carry a variety of beer-inspired wall decals to help decorate your bare walls.


Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof? – Vinyl Disorder

Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

You have the best spot in mind for your new vinyl sticker — maybe it’s a storefront window, the back of your vehicle, the front of a school binder or your favorite water bottle. Whatever the location, you’re probably wondering, “Are vinyl stickers waterproof?” Lucky for you, vinyl stickers from Vinyl Disorder are indeed waterproof.

All vinyl stickers available from, including our customizable vinyl stickers, are made by using proprietary inks on high-quality and durable vinyl that is weatherproof, waterproof and designed to last for up to three years outdoors. We then add a high-quality vinyl laminate to the top of the vinyl, which increases the lifespan of the stickers to three to five years and provides both UV and scratch resistance, so your stickers will stay looking their best for a long time to come.


We have a variety of vinyl stickers available. One of our most popular styles is the oval vinyl sticker — these stickers are waterproof and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-inch by 2 inches up to 6 inches by 3 inches. If you have a place in mind for your vinyl sticker but don’t see the size you need, we can also accommodate orders for custom sized stickers.

Creating a patchwork of vinyl stickers on a storefront window or car bumper? Square stickers are a perfect option and can be lined up to create a quilt of colorful artwork on any hard surface. Thanks to the waterproof and weatherproof nature of our vinyl stickers, your stick-on style won’t fade or run.

For a truly unique custom waterproof vinyl sticker, check out our clear stickers. Rather than drawing attention away from your sticker art with a white border or background, let the art stand out with clear backing that allows the background of the surface to show through. This gives your custom vinyl sticker an almost tattoo-like appearance as if it were drawn or printed directly onto the surface. Clear stickers also give your print the look of a die cut decal without the added cost.

Have a custom vinyl sticker in mind that truly breaks the mold? You can get our waterproof vinyl stickers cut to shape for whatever design you’d like. Simply choose your size, quantity and material type then upload your file, and we’ll get to work creating the custom sticker you’re looking for. All of our vinyl stickers are available in gloss, vinyl fabric, matte, clear, static cling, clear static cling, heat and reflective material finishes, so you can achieve any look you desire.

Vinyl stickers are the perfect way to show off your personal style, promote your business or support your favorite team. Whether you want to add a sticker to your car bumper, store window, water bottle, school binder or any other surface, Vinyl Disorder has what you need. Thanks to the waterproof characteristics of our vinyl stickers, they’ll stay looking their best no matter what the weather brings.

Have questions about more ways in which you can customize your waterproof vinyl stickers? Reach out to us by phone, email, web chat or social media, and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I Remove Decals? – Vinyl Disorder

How do I Remove the Decals?

Custom Wall Graphics

Sometimes, you choose a decal for a space, and once it’s up decide that you’d like to move it to another room or even just a couple inches to the left. Luckily, there are ways to remove your vinyl decal without causing damage to the underlying surface. In this article, Vinyl Disorder will walk you through some of the most successful ways to remove a decal.

Car Decals

Cancer Awareness white

Are you about to sell your car? Did you add a decal that you loved at the time but have since outgrown? Or, maybe you sneezed while applying the decal and it ended up a bit crooked. Whatever the situation, it is possible to remove your car decal without causing damage to the vehicle.

First, you’ll want to heat the decal with a hair dryer — this will start to loosen the adhesive that is attaching the decal to the surface and make it easier to remove. Hold the hair dryer or heat gun over the decal until you start to see the edges curl.

Once the edges have started to curl, use a plastic blade — we’ll stress again that it should be plastic in order to avoid causing damage to your vehicle — to start chipping away at the adhesive underneath the decal. If you don’t have a plastic blade at home, most hardware stores carry a variety of options that are specifically meant for removing adhesive decals without scratching the underlying surface. You can also use your fingernails here, but be careful as the vinyl can get very hot. While using the blade (or your fingernail), try to hold it as parallel to the surface as possible to further minimize the chance of scratching the surface. If a plastic blade is just not an option, you can also try using a credit card, library card or other sturdy yet thin plastic object.

While you’re at the hardware store picking up a plastic blade, go ahead and grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol. No need to spend money on harsh chemicals or specialty adhesive removers, as our adhesives can be removed with this tried and true pantry staple. Dab some rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel or cloth, gently rub the left over adhesive to remove and you’re all set! You now have a blank canvas for your next vinyl car decal.

Wall Decals


If you’re open to choosing a less-permanent decal option from the start, your life will be much easier when you decide to remove it. Temporary decals for indoor use can also be used outdoors under the proper conditions and can be easily removed without leaving any unsightly residue behind. Once you’ve decided to move your indoor vinyl wall decal, simply use a plastic blade or credit card to gently peel the edge away from the surface. Once you have enough of an edge that you can easily grasp it, begin to peel the decal off of the surface slowly and evenly. That’s it! Removable vinyl wall decals are great options for people who like to update their style frequently or have a tendency to change their mind.

Whether you choose a permanent outdoor use vinyl decal or a removable indoor use vinyl decal, there are ways to remove them once they’re in place. If you have more detailed questions about the decal removal process our want help deciding between the outdoor and indoor use decals, reach out to us via email, phone, web chat or social media.