How to Remove Vinyl Sticker from a Car

How to Remove a Vinyl Sticker from a Car

Removing a vinyl sticker from your car can be much easier than you think. Our vinyl stickers are designed to last through several years in all types of weather. So you may assume that they’re difficult to remove. This, however, is not the case. If you follow a few simple steps, you can have that sticker off in no time without causing any damage to your car paint or windows. Removing stickers or decals from your car’s body and its windows are slightly different processes. Neither one requires any special tools. All you need is a couple of commonplace objects that you probably already have in your home. When you’re ready to remove the sticker, all you need is a hair dryer or a heat gun and a razor blade.

ILM die cut decal

Best Way to Remove a Sticker from Car Paint

Car paint can be a bit tricky when it comes to vinyl stickers. You don’t want to accidentally damage your car’s paint and risk causing more damage down the road. The best way to remove a vinyl decal or sticker that has been applied to your car’s paint is to warm the sticker with a hair dryer or a heat gun first. By heating the bumper sticker up, you’re softening the vinyl and the adhesive, which allows the sticker to be peeled off with very little effort. One thing to remember when removing stickers from cars is to never pick at a sticker on car paint with sharp or hard objects. All it takes is one scratch in your paint to start a chain reaction of peeling paint and eventually, rust on your car. Always make sure to peel the sticker off gently and avoid scraping at it with tools.

Best Way to Remove Stickers from Car Windows

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Removing vinyl stickers from car windows is a very similar process to removing them from the body. You’ll want to use the same heating technique with your hair dryer or heat gun. This has the same effect and softens the adhesive on the back of the sticker. The one difference in the car window sticker removal technique is that you can use a razor blade to make removal easier. Simply work the flat edge of the blade underneath the sticker to help detach it from the surface of the glass. Make sure that you don’t run the blade edge along the glass in a cutting motion to avoid scratching your windows.

Removable and Reusable Car Sticker Options

If you’re looking for more temporary vinyl sticker options so that you can avoid having to remove permanent adhesive from your car, we also carry a variety of reusable stickers. Our reusable vinyl fabric stickers are made with special reusable adhesive that can be applied to almost any hard and smooth surface. When you want to move it, all you need to do is peel it off easily and reapply it elsewhere. Another great option is our static cling stickers. These are made with no adhesive at all and can be applied to glass as well has smooth metal and plastic surfaces.

Vinyl Disorder Stickers and Car Decals


After you’ve removed your car decals and other stickers, shop our selection of vinyl decals and vehicle lettering decals in order to find a new decorative statement for your vehicle. Our stickers and decals come in hundreds of different designs and are suitable for all personalities and tastes. If you still can’t find anything that you like in our selection, try designing your own vinyl sticker with our custom sticker options.


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