Custom Floor Stickers!

The majority of people, when weaving through crowds, walk with their heads down. If you want to promote an idea or product in a high foot traffic area, what a better way to do it than with a floor sticker? Floor graphics are a great eye catcher for advertising. Here at Vinyl Disorder, we can help you out in creating a custom floor graphic with your logo, tagline, or pretty much anything else you desire! Another creative way to use floor graphics is simply for decoration purposes. You can lay out boot prints leading up to Santa’s sleigh at Christmas time, or a hopscotch board for kids to stop and play. They are also great for guiding people in the direction that they need to go, with arrows , footprints or pretty much anything else you can think of! Let your mind run wild with these custom floor graphics!


Custom floor graphics can be applied to tile, hardwood, concrete and firm carpet surfaces. You are able to select whether you want it to be permanent or just temporary for a single day or weekend event. The floor graphics come laminated, so they are slip proof, scratchproof and have uv protection! We can make anything into a floor sticker or decal for you! It can be any size, color, or shape your heart desires!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss a project with our team! We are able to be reached via email at or telephone (866) 723-3726 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm PST. We are here to help and will do whatever we can to make your creative ideas come to life! 🙂

An Olympic Idea

Once every two years, we’re privileged to get to witness the best athletes on the planet compete against each other in the respective season’s Olympic Events.  This year it’s the Summer Games, and what an exciting set of competitions they are.

In cohesion with the  Summer Olympic Games, we figured we’d talk about Olympic style decals made by Vinyl Disorder.  From archery, cycling and diving, to gymnastics, track / field and wrestling.

balance beam girl

These decals are a great way to decorate a training area, kids rooms, and your vehicles.  They are made in two different high quality types of vinyl to suit your specific needs; depending on whether you are applying your decals to walls and furniture, or sticking them on windows, devices and vehicles.

bicycle pedaling

So what are you waiting for?  Celebrate your favorite Olympic Event, or Sport, and let the memories live on with a reminder placed in special place by you!


City Skylines

Do you have a favorite metropolitan vacation destination like London, Paris, Tokyo, or New York?  Maybe you grew up or live in a major city.  You can have have a view of that city’s skyline in your house or even on your vehicle with a Vinyl Disorder City Skyline Decal.

A View of Dallas
A great example of where you can apply your city skyline decal.

These City Skyline Decals are a great way to share the love you have for that particular place with friends, even strangers; while reminding you of your own memories or dreams that fuel your passion for that area.

The skyline of your choice can be made in sizes ranging from 6 inches, all the way up over 10 feet, and can be created in any color that is offered by Vinyl Disorder.

Remember that these decals (or stickers as some would call them) can be applied virtually anywhere you can imagine.  There are very few surfaces that these vinyl decals can’t be applied.  For more information on this, please see the Vinyl Disorder FAQ.

Creating a New Room is Just a Vinyl Kit Away

Have you often looked around yourself and thought “hm, what can I do to add my own touch, and give this room its own identity?”

One way to accomplish this is to use some vinyl decal / sticker kits.  Vinyl Disorder offers a variety of Decal Kits for you to choose from to add some color and individuality to your rooms, windows, offices, or workplaces.

These decal kits range from:

Nautical Stars

Star Stickers
Nautical Star or Five Pointed Star Kit


Heart Stickers
Heart Wall Decal Kit

to Peace Signs

Peace Wall Stickers
Peace Sign Wall Decal Kit

Even Anarchy Symbols

Anarchy Vinyl Decals
Anarchy Wall Decal Kit

Please keep in mind that these decals can be applied virtually anywhere.  Not just on walls, but windows, vehicles, furniture, electronics, etc.  Theycome in a wide selection of sizes and quantities, and can be customized into almost any color combination using the vinyl colors that are offered on the website.  On top of it all; these kits are sold at a discount price in comparison to purchasing individual decals.

If you have questions concerning these Vinyl Wall Kits, please contact Vinyl Disorder.

A Creature From Fantasy

Are you into Orcs and Goblins just like the ones depicted in books like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, or video games like World of Warcraft?

You can keep them around you not only in your mind, but within your sight with some Vinyl Disorder Decals.  We have many different styles of the two creatures wielding various combinations of weapons and shields, and showing a bunch of different evil, aggressive expressions.

Orc with Axe and Shield
An Orc wielding a one-handed axe and a shield

These decals can be applied not only to your walls, windows, or car body; they can also be applied to almost any surface including most electronics, furniture and appliances.

Orc and 2 handed weapon
An Orc wielding a 2 handed sword

For ideas please see our user examples.

Vinyl Disorder

Showing American Pride

There are many ways to show your American Pride.  With Vinyl Disorder Decals, you can show it just about anywhere!

From your walls or windows in your house…

Statue of Liberty
Praying hands and statue of liberty wall decal.

To coffee mugs, cups, cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, and anywhere on your car.

Military Vinyl Decal Sticker
Support our Troops Sticker

There are also a wide variety of Military Quotes that can have the same application features!

Transforming a Boy’s Bedroom

Taking an ordinary room, and changing it into a unique, artistic, and inspiring area is easily achieved when using wall / window decals and stickers.

You may be wondering what to put on that blank canvas, but the real decision to make, is how much you want to spend.

Fortunately you can fill up a wall for much less than you would spend to hire a painter, and not have the hassle of wall paper.

Start with something like this:

Boy's Bedroom Wall
Children's Bedroom Wall

With a simple order, and a little install time, you can change it into something that your kid will love.

Venom Wall Decal Tear
Venom Tear

Have you met

I’m writing this blog while sitting in our production warehouse marveling at all of the different vinyl decals and stickers that we’ve decorated our walls with over the years.  We have many walls with different themes.

There’s one wall that is dedicated solely to our favorite characters and moments from our what we think are the best cartoons.  Another that is very similar, but is dedicated to movies instead.  There’s a wall dedicated to all of our employee’s favorite bands and musicians as well.  Oh, and let’s not forget the wall of completely random but awesome stuff!!

It has been a fantastic and remarkable experience watching the transformation that has taken place in the building here.  I’m looking forward to watching the evolution of our office.