Whats so Cool about Wall Decals?

What’s So Cool about Wall Decals?

For young and old bon vivants alike, an inviting, dynamic, bespoke home environment is the stuff dreams are made of. A flick through modern décor mags soon reveals that there are many ways to give your home a chic new spin: distressed furniture, special painting effects and of course, wall decals by Vinyldisorder. There are many reasons why in 2015, we suggest you breathe new life into your home space with a design that expresses your personality and passion for life. These are just a few:

* Wall Decals can fill in tiny spaces in ‘larger-than-life’ ways: What to do with that King-sized bed in a room that is too small for a headboard? Or the space above that sizable yet low shelf? Wall decals are the answer; they are a chic new way for trendy urbanites to add the illusion of a frame, headboard or canvass, without taking up more space than their flats or studios can afford. Wall decals are curious items that invite curiosity, conversation and imitation (the sincerest form of flattery). Be prepared to start a trend!

* Wall Decals bring poetry into your home: We love the new trend of placing poetry and thoughts, line by line, on staircase, bench or wall! Alternatively, keep it regal by using a custom monogram wall decal sticker or label each room with its owner’s name. For a really exotic touch, Oriental writing symbols can add a real touch of Zen to a relaxing nook in your home.

* Wall Decals bring art to your walls, floors and furniture: Celebrate your passion for art by battling the neutral and bringing in life (in the form of color) to your home! You can create dazzling effects in children’s rooms by filling walls with repeated imagery of Nature-inspired decals, or decorating cabinets and tables with art that means something to your children. Kids’ decals are some of the funnest wall décor items in the business. Choose from giant dinosaurs, messy scribble effects, highways and transportation, and much more.

* Wall Decals bring you high design at a budget price: Even a simple white cabinet, table or desk purchased at a budget store can be easily converted into an item your friends will covet, with the help of wall decals. Create striped patterns, floral themes or personalized designs with imagery of things that inspire you (whether it be sea, jungle or urban inspirations). One of the best thing about Vinyl Disorder Wall Decals is that they can easily be peeled off without damaging the wall/paint beneath them. For best effect, use them on a flat, nicely painted wall (if your home has just been painted, wait a couple of weeks before applying your decals). This is also good news if you own a business and you wish to bestow your interiors with a chic look, but you only have a small budget for furniture and associated costs such as contents insurance.

* Wall Decals can be matched to specific holidays: Those who can think of nothing together than bringing the family together for a hearty meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas, or scaring the wits out of friends and family on Halloween, probably go to great lengths to set just the right mood for these special moments together. Got that extra mile by dressing your home for the occasion; take your inspiration from some of VinylDisorders’ many seasonal-inspired stickers.

* Wall Decals allow you to change your style: Don’t be bound by one ambiance or mood; let your living space reflect your changing tastes. Go high-end one season, retro the next and cozy/country after that. Wall decals are reasonable priced and easy-to-use, which makes it possible to change your interiors in just a few minutes, without the need to purchase more furniture. This is particularly true in the case of baby’s rooms; rather than buying pastel or baby-size furniture, stick to a budget by buying ageless furniture and making it more childlike or sophisticated with the passing years through your choice of wall decals. Babyhood lasts a little over a year; which gives you just enough time to plan a new space for a little toddler, then a growing boy or girl. You may find that as your little one grows up, they will start demanding the right to design their own space and so should they! Vinyl Disorder wall Decals were meant to express the inner creativity of those who select them, regardless of age!

This is a freelance article from Gemma Heale

Custom Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? Free stickers are really the best thing ever. No matter what they are if you see others grabbing some you know you want them too! We know this because we have that obsession for stickers as well! We love them so much we decided to start making the best stickers we could!

Tommy D’s Barbershop Custom Sticker cut to shape stickers
Blocker on Board Custom Vinyl Stickers








We are Vinyl disorder and our stickers are made of just that Vinyl! Not Paper! Paper sticker are made for short term and never outdoors. Our Vinyl stickers water proof, weatherproof, and are meant to last 3 – 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions! After the first rain storm a paper sticker is wrinkled and destroyed but our vinyl stickers hang on strong! We laminate all of our stickers to add scratch resistance, UV protection, and to make the stickers last that much longer!

Our motto is simple stickers “Our products are only as good as the media and equipment ” So we use what we have found to be the best! Giving you the Best product! If you would like free sticker samples drop us a line with your address and we will send some right out! We love sending free stickers.


Vinyl disorder Custom stickers are a great way to spread your message and print out something fun! A custom sticker can really be anything from your brand logo, a photo online, or even a photo from your cell phone. With our Custom Sticker page you can order custom stickers in any size from 1″ x 1″ to 16″ x 16″ then just upload your image. The custom stickers are available as Gloss stickers, Clear stickers, Matte Stickers, or even wall fabric Removable reusable stickers. We do have other specialty medias as well so if you have a special project in mind don’t hesitate to email us or call us!


Our custom stickers are available in any shape! Some designs work great as a rectangle or as an oval but some just need to be die cut to the shape of the design! Stickers just look so clean on a window when they have a unique cut! It draws the attention of others and is not a boring basic cut. This option is awesome for Clear Stickers as it will look like a die cut decal once applied! We do not charge anything more to cut the sticker to shape or in a basic design.

We digitally print our stickers on large format printers and plotters. With this process we can use really any file types but the main ones that are acceptable file types for stickers include .jpeg, .ai, .pdf, .ai, .gif, .png, .psd and .tiff. We prefer Vector format files that include .eps or .ai for the best possible print! We can help recreate and vectorize your design for you as well in order to get your image pixel perfect at larger sizes.


If you have any questions about custom stickers or need help designing your custom stickers please let us know as we are here to help! Some custom sticker design work could have small design charges depending on the detail of the design but send over what you do have as well as your ideas and we will bring them to life! Talk to you soon!



Custom Floor Stickers!

The majority of people, when weaving through crowds, walk with their heads down. If you want to promote an idea or product in a high foot traffic area, what a better way to do it than with a floor sticker? Floor graphics are a great eye catcher for advertising. Here at Vinyl Disorder, we can help you out in creating a custom floor graphic with your logo, tagline, or pretty much anything else you desire! Another creative way to use floor graphics is simply for decoration purposes. You can lay out boot prints leading up to Santa’s sleigh at Christmas time, or a hopscotch board for kids to stop and play. They are also great for guiding people in the direction that they need to go, with arrows , footprints or pretty much anything else you can think of! Let your mind run wild with these custom floor graphics!


Custom floor graphics can be applied to tile, hardwood, concrete and firm carpet surfaces. You are able to select whether you want it to be permanent or just temporary for a single day or weekend event. The floor graphics come laminated, so they are slip proof, scratchproof and have uv protection! We can make anything into a floor sticker or decal for you! It can be any size, color, or shape your heart desires!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss a project with our team! We are able to be reached via email at sales@vinyldisorder.com or telephone (866) 723-3726 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm PST. We are here to help and will do whatever we can to make your creative ideas come to life! 🙂

How does a vinyl sticker differ from a vinyl decal?

A sticker is just a solid piece of vinyl with your picture or design printed onto it. There will usually be a bit of white around the edges of the design regardless of whether you have the cut contour to the design or cut in a shape. For some designs, stickers may be the only option due to the complex detail in a design. If something is to small to cut into a decal then a sticker will be the way to go. Here is a beautiful printed in loving memory sticker:


Decals are a single color design cut out of one of our stock color sheets of vinyl. They require transfer tape so that they can be “transferred” onto the surface you are applying the vinyl to. Because they are cut out, what you get is your design in vinyl with no background, so what you see is the color of the surface behind the design. Here is a great example of what an in loving memory decal would look like:


If you have further questions about the difference between the two types of window clings, feel free to contact us through email (sales@vinyldisorder.com) , LiveChat, or by phone (866) 723-3726 between the hours of 9am and 5pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Get ready for Game Day!

Are you ready for football season? Corn hole is a very popular game played by fans everywhere. It is played at tailgate parties before and during games and it easy and fun to play. Get creative with your corn hole boards with vinyl decals and prints from Vinyl Disorder! Choose any image from our site to fit on your board. A typical corn hole board is 48″ x 24″ total. There is about 36″ x 24″ of usable space below the hole to be able to decorate, or choose to fill the whole board and just cut out the design on the hole. We are also able to make custom prints and decals for corn hole boards if you don’t see something on this site that you love.


Send us over your design to Sales@VinylDisorder.com! Send us a custom design or let us know what item you are interested in at VinylDisorder.com and we can help you figure out the dimensions to make it fit perfectly on your board! Be ready to play for any occasion or before any game with corn hole designs from Vinyl Disorder!

See and feel before you buy!

Do you see a color on our color chart that you love, but you aren’t sure if it will look right with your home décor? Or maybe you want to see one of the many interesting colors that we offer such as cheddar or rainbow silver. Sometimes it is also good to see the material before ordering so you get an idea of what it looks and feels like. We know that the pictures really don’t give the colors justice, and you can’t see and feel the material for yourself. If you need to see a sample swatch before purchasing your window or wall decal, then you are in luck! It is easy to order free samples of vinyl colors that you are interested and have them shipped to you. You can hold them up to your wall, test the water resistance, or anything else you may need before placing an order with us. We want to make sure you are happy with your product, so we want you to have all the information you need to feel confident about your purchase 🙂

Click here to order full color and single color vinyl samples!

New Wall Fabric!

Do you have an image that you would love printed to put on your wall at home or in your office? When thinking about ordering one of these prints, you should consider our new media called wall fabric! We can print almost anything onto wall fabric from full color images to silhouettes of our most popular designs. This wall fabric has the texture of a fabric, it is flexible, and not only is it removable, but it is reusable!! Save the backing that comes with the wall fabric and when you decide to remove it and save it for later, just store it on the backing so that it doesn’t gather dust or stick to anything. This wall fabric is so durable that you can crumple it up into a ball, then pull it back apart and put it on the wall as if nothing happened. If you are interested in putting your print onto wall fabric, just contact sales@vinyldisorder.com and we will take a look at your image and give you a price quote on your project.

Check out just a few examples of our wall fabric prints below! Click on the image to see a larger view.

Pink Floyd print on wall fab!
Awesome scenery printed on wall fabric.
Vinyl Disorder banner print on wall fabric

Feel free to contact us anytime between 9am & 5pm PST to ask us about this great new media!

What IS a sticker?

How is a vinyl sticker different from any other kind of sticker? First of all, vinyl stickers differ from paper stickers because they are weatherproof and waterproof and won’t have that mess of material falling apart when it gets wet. A vinyl sticker contains a design – it can be anything from a photograph to a personal or business design/logo – that is printed onto a sheet of vinyl. These stickers are usually cut to contour your design or in a shape such as an oval or square surrounding the image. They are a peel-and-stick pieces of vinyl with a backing that are easy to apply without any transfer tape or extra steps. They are a breeze to apply, just peel them from their backing and slap them on to any surface. To print our stickers we do digital printing, meaning we take your exact image and print it directly to our vinyl media. This makes for very clear images in the final product. Our printing process allows any photo to be printed as is, we do not alter it at all once the file is submitted and  approved by you!

If you have a custom design or logo that you would like printed as a vinyl sticker, send your image over to Sales@VinylDisorder.com or check out our custom sticker designer. We can print anything, any shape, any size, as many as you want, with only a $15 minimum! Vinyl Disorder is your one stop sticker shop!