See and feel before you buy!

Do you see a color on our color chart that you love, but you aren’t sure if it will look right with your home décor? Or maybe you want to see one of the many interesting colors that we offer such as cheddar or rainbow silver. Sometimes it is also good to see the material before ordering so you get an idea of what it looks and feels like. We know that the pictures really don’t give the colors justice, and you can’t see and feel the material for yourself. If you need to see a sample swatch before purchasing your window or wall decal, then you are in luck! It is easy to order free samples of vinyl colors that you are interested and have them shipped to you. You can hold them up to your wall, test the water resistance, or anything else you may need before placing an order with us. We want to make sure you are happy with your product, so we want you to have all the information you need to feel confident about your purchase 🙂

Click here to order full color and single color vinyl samples!

What IS a sticker?

How is a vinyl sticker different from any other kind of sticker? First of all, vinyl stickers differ from paper stickers because they are weatherproof and waterproof and won’t have that mess of material falling apart when it gets wet. A vinyl sticker contains a design – it can be anything from a photograph to a personal or business design/logo – that is printed onto a sheet of vinyl. These stickers are usually cut to contour your design or in a shape such as an oval or square surrounding the image. They are a peel-and-stick pieces of vinyl with a backing that are easy to apply without any transfer tape or extra steps. They are a breeze to apply, just peel them from their backing and slap them on to any surface. To print our stickers we do digital printing, meaning we take your exact image and print it directly to our vinyl media. This makes for very clear images in the final product. Our printing process allows any photo to be printed as is, we do not alter it at all once the file is submitted and  approved by you!

If you have a custom design or logo that you would like printed as a vinyl sticker, send your image over to or check out our custom sticker designer. We can print anything, any shape, any size, as many as you want, with only a $15 minimum! Vinyl Disorder is your one stop sticker shop!


Vinyl Decals and Stickers for Guitar and Music Equipment

Vinyl Disorder  decals and stickers are great for applying to your guitars, drums, and other musical equipment!

Our fans and customers are always submitting awesome pictures of what they’ve applied Vinyl Disorder decals and stickers to!

Here are some examples of what can be done:

Red custom decal
Custom Guitar Decal
Custom Signed Guitar
Another Great Custom Guitar
Lexicondon Drum Decal
Custom Bass (Kick) Drum

Stay tuned for more user examples, or visit our website:

Vinyl Decal and Sticker applications on Motorcycles

Continuing on our posts about different surfaces that Vinyl Disorder decals and stickers can be applied to; today we want to show you some of our products that have been applied to motorcycles of all types.

Blue Reflective Flame Decals
An awesome application of blue reflective flame decals.
Decaled Vespa
This Vespa is covered in decals!
Gold Relective Flames
Another reflective flame decal.
Racing Motorcycle
A superbike with Vinyl Disorder Decals

Check back with us soon for more examples submitted by our fans!

Are Aliens Friends or Foes?

When it comes to people’s thoughts on Aliens, or Extraterrestrials ; people’s opinions seem to fall under one of two categories; peacefull, or threatening.  These thoughts seem to convey themselves through movies and books in the way the characters are described and portrayed.

On one end of the spectrum there’s your friendly alien that is usually easy on the eyes, has a good demeanor, and tends to be looking for help of some sort.

Alien With Sunglasses
He isn’t very threatening, and seems like he would be more likely to kill a drink or two rather than lay a finger on you.

On the darker side of things, the “Visitors From Space”  are portrayed as bloodthirsty, ravenous beings; who’s only goal seems to be attacking and annihilating any life form they encounter, especially ours.

Attack of the Vicious Alien
This one looks like it wants you for dinner.

People’s opinions may vary but there should be one thing we all agree on; the hope that if or when the do visit us, they are of the friendly sort, and not the kind that would bring on a struggle for survival.

Remember that whatever your preference is, we have a decal for you!

An Olympic Idea

Once every two years, we’re privileged to get to witness the best athletes on the planet compete against each other in the respective season’s Olympic Events.  This year it’s the Summer Games, and what an exciting set of competitions they are.

In cohesion with the  Summer Olympic Games, we figured we’d talk about Olympic style decals made by Vinyl Disorder.  From archery, cycling and diving, to gymnastics, track / field and wrestling.

balance beam girl

These decals are a great way to decorate a training area, kids rooms, and your vehicles.  They are made in two different high quality types of vinyl to suit your specific needs; depending on whether you are applying your decals to walls and furniture, or sticking them on windows, devices and vehicles.

bicycle pedaling

So what are you waiting for?  Celebrate your favorite Olympic Event, or Sport, and let the memories live on with a reminder placed in special place by you!


From Ordinary to Exraordinary

There’s a great way to take an ordinary object, or piece of furniture, and make it extraordinary; and that is using Vinyl Disorder Decals to modify their appearance.

This modifier can be applied to many surfaces. From objects like cell phones, ipads / tablets, and sports equipment; to things like dressers, desks, tables and appliances.  There are very few objects that decals will not adhere to.

The end result of your customization is dependent on your visualization and planning.  It’s all about having the idea of an image, pattern, symbol, or phrase; picturing it in your head, taking some measurements, and choosing the color(s) that you feel compliment the area.

Mopar Decal
A great example of custom vinyl work.

It’s always rewarding to get to enjoy the change of your item or area, and it gets you excited to start customizing other things in your life.

City Skylines

Do you have a favorite metropolitan vacation destination like London, Paris, Tokyo, or New York?  Maybe you grew up or live in a major city.  You can have have a view of that city’s skyline in your house or even on your vehicle with a Vinyl Disorder City Skyline Decal.

A View of Dallas
A great example of where you can apply your city skyline decal.

These City Skyline Decals are a great way to share the love you have for that particular place with friends, even strangers; while reminding you of your own memories or dreams that fuel your passion for that area.

The skyline of your choice can be made in sizes ranging from 6 inches, all the way up over 10 feet, and can be created in any color that is offered by Vinyl Disorder.

Remember that these decals (or stickers as some would call them) can be applied virtually anywhere you can imagine.  There are very few surfaces that these vinyl decals can’t be applied.  For more information on this, please see the Vinyl Disorder FAQ.