Font Dimensions & Proportions for Custom Text Decals

To some, this may seem like a simple thing to wrap your head around. To others, it is a little more difficult to understand how lengths and font sizes work.

The dimensions of the letters in your custom text will depend on the font you choose to use, as all fonts have different natural proportions (some are tall and long, others are short and wide). Here at, we will never alter the natural proportions of a font by stretching or shrinking letters unless we are instructed to  do so by you. This photo shows how a 12″ custom name “Barbara” has different proportions when different fonts are chosen.


As you can see, the first custom font is a lot shorter than the others, while the last font is significantly larger. Still, all of these Barbara’s are 12″ in length.

If you choose a length for your custom decal, the more words you want to include in that total length, the smaller your words will get proportionally. Take a look at the photo below, for instance. The single word “Mouse” and the text “The mouse ran from the fat cat.” were chosen in the same 12″ inch length. Mouse is significantly larger than the sentence because there are more letters that are trying to fit into the length that was chosen.


If you wanted to order the word “Mouse” and the other text to be proportional in size like this:


The word “Mouse” would have to be ordered in 2.5″ in length to be proportional to the 12″ line that reads “The mouse ran from the fat cat”.

If you have any other questions about this or want to clarify the sizing of your custom texts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by email at, phone 866-723-3726, or through Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen on our main site. Ask questions, we want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want 🙂

New Wall Fabric!

Do you have an image that you would love printed to put on your wall at home or in your office? When thinking about ordering one of these prints, you should consider our new media called wall fabric! We can print almost anything onto wall fabric from full color images to silhouettes of our most popular designs. This wall fabric has the texture of a fabric, it is flexible, and not only is it removable, but it is reusable!! Save the backing that comes with the wall fabric and when you decide to remove it and save it for later, just store it on the backing so that it doesn’t gather dust or stick to anything. This wall fabric is so durable that you can crumple it up into a ball, then pull it back apart and put it on the wall as if nothing happened. If you are interested in putting your print onto wall fabric, just contact and we will take a look at your image and give you a price quote on your project.

Check out just a few examples of our wall fabric prints below! Click on the image to see a larger view.

Pink Floyd print on wall fab!
Awesome scenery printed on wall fabric.
Vinyl Disorder banner print on wall fabric

Feel free to contact us anytime between 9am & 5pm PST to ask us about this great new media!