Whats so Cool about Wall Decals?

What’s So Cool about Wall Decals?

For young and old bon vivants alike, an inviting, dynamic, bespoke home environment is the stuff dreams are made of. A flick through modern décor mags soon reveals that there are many ways to give your home a chic new spin: distressed furniture, special painting effects and of course, wall decals by Vinyldisorder. There are many reasons why in 2015, we suggest you breathe new life into your home space with a design that expresses your personality and passion for life. These are just a few:

* Wall Decals can fill in tiny spaces in ‘larger-than-life’ ways: What to do with that King-sized bed in a room that is too small for a headboard? Or the space above that sizable yet low shelf? Wall decals are the answer; they are a chic new way for trendy urbanites to add the illusion of a frame, headboard or canvass, without taking up more space than their flats or studios can afford. Wall decals are curious items that invite curiosity, conversation and imitation (the sincerest form of flattery). Be prepared to start a trend!

* Wall Decals bring poetry into your home: We love the new trend of placing poetry and thoughts, line by line, on staircase, bench or wall! Alternatively, keep it regal by using a custom monogram wall decal sticker or label each room with its owner’s name. For a really exotic touch, Oriental writing symbols can add a real touch of Zen to a relaxing nook in your home.

* Wall Decals bring art to your walls, floors and furniture: Celebrate your passion for art by battling the neutral and bringing in life (in the form of color) to your home! You can create dazzling effects in children’s rooms by filling walls with repeated imagery of Nature-inspired decals, or decorating cabinets and tables with art that means something to your children. Kids’ decals are some of the funnest wall décor items in the business. Choose from giant dinosaurs, messy scribble effects, highways and transportation, and much more.

* Wall Decals bring you high design at a budget price: Even a simple white cabinet, table or desk purchased at a budget store can be easily converted into an item your friends will covet, with the help of wall decals. Create striped patterns, floral themes or personalized designs with imagery of things that inspire you (whether it be sea, jungle or urban inspirations). One of the best thing about Vinyl Disorder Wall Decals is that they can easily be peeled off without damaging the wall/paint beneath them. For best effect, use them on a flat, nicely painted wall (if your home has just been painted, wait a couple of weeks before applying your decals). This is also good news if you own a business and you wish to bestow your interiors with a chic look, but you only have a small budget for furniture and associated costs such as contents insurance.

* Wall Decals can be matched to specific holidays: Those who can think of nothing together than bringing the family together for a hearty meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas, or scaring the wits out of friends and family on Halloween, probably go to great lengths to set just the right mood for these special moments together. Got that extra mile by dressing your home for the occasion; take your inspiration from some of VinylDisorders’ many seasonal-inspired stickers.

* Wall Decals allow you to change your style: Don’t be bound by one ambiance or mood; let your living space reflect your changing tastes. Go high-end one season, retro the next and cozy/country after that. Wall decals are reasonable priced and easy-to-use, which makes it possible to change your interiors in just a few minutes, without the need to purchase more furniture. This is particularly true in the case of baby’s rooms; rather than buying pastel or baby-size furniture, stick to a budget by buying ageless furniture and making it more childlike or sophisticated with the passing years through your choice of wall decals. Babyhood lasts a little over a year; which gives you just enough time to plan a new space for a little toddler, then a growing boy or girl. You may find that as your little one grows up, they will start demanding the right to design their own space and so should they! Vinyl Disorder wall Decals were meant to express the inner creativity of those who select them, regardless of age!

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Vinyl Wall Decal Applications

At Vinyl Disorder we love to see the different ways in which our customers and fans use our vinyl decals.  Here are a few different examples of what can be achieved with Vinyl Disorder Wall Decals:

Sqaure Decal Kit application
An excellent use of our square vinyl decal kit.
Religious Vinyl Wall Quote
A great placement of a religious wall quote.
Vinyl Disorder Circle Decal Kit
One of our vinyl square kits used in a kids nursery.
Freddie Mercury Wall Decal
Here’s one of Freddie Mercury in Wall Decal form.
Star Wars Wall Decals
An awesome Star Wars themed wall.

Stay tuned for more awesome vinyl wall decal applications!

Custom Wall Quote

Custom Vinyl Wall Quotes

Have you ever wanted to put your favorite saying, quote, or phrase in a location that suits its nature?  Whether it’s saying I love you in a special way, reinstating that positive idea, or reciting your business mission statement. Creating a custom vinyl wall quote is quick and easy with Vinyl Disorder.

Custom Wall Quote
An example of what can be achieved.

The first thing you need to do is pick your saying or quote, whatever it may be.  Next, measure the dimensions of the area in which you wish to place your phrase (Remember that the “length” of the decal is the longest side on of the arranged text.  The height of the letters varies depending on the font that is chosen).  Choose your size that is appropriate for your decoration area.

Now, choose your material type depending on the surface which you are applying your decal to. This is also a great time to decide which color you would like your decal to be.  We have many to choose from!

Be sure to figure out how many lines you want the quote to be arranged in to achieve the look you are aiming for.

Now you just need to visit a fantastic website called dafont.  It has thousands of free to download fonts.  Choose one.

On these custom quotes, you would only want to choose “reversed” if you wan the text to appear in a mirror image.  This is generally used for the front of vehicles, and the inside of glass, so the image appears regular when viewed from the proper angle.

That’s it, you’re done!  Just choose how many you would like, and proceed to checkout!  If you have any questions, please, contact us.

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

One of our popular items here at Vinyl Disorder is the “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” wall quote.  It is offered in about 8 different varieties and can be applied to virtually any surface like your walls, furniture, windows, mirrors, etc.

Below are a few examples:


Kiss Me
This is our best seller. It has a nice mix of hand script and printed text, with a bit of a floral accent.


Kiss Goodnight
Another one of our best sellers. This one has more of a feminine style font, and covers a more square area.


Goodnight Kiss
This decal is popular due to the curves in the lettering. It’s easy on the eyes.

As you can see these decals are available in a wide range of colors and sizes; though the most common is a 36inch in black.

We are always adding more variety to our catalogs.  So be sure to check back frequently.

For more wall quotes please refer to our main wall quote library.

Vinyl Wall, Slick Up Your Decor

Your Wall needs love too!


With the online sale of vinyl decals and other types of custom signage, it has become easier and easier to purchase them. Whether you need magnetic signs, registration numbers, magnetic steps or custom wall lettering, you can design your own signage or have a team of designers do it for you with just a little playing with the mouse.Vinyl graphics can now be purchased online and following is a guideline on choosing the right company:

1- Wide range of offerings:

A variety of types of orders should be available at a good online custom sign shop. (One of my favorite is http://www.vinyldisorder.com/ – make sure you check it out, they offer a wide variety Vinyl Stickers, Car Decals, Wall decals and anything you can send an image of)  For example, even if you need just wall graphics make sure that the shop contains custom vinyl decals, rear window decals, bumper stickers and auto decals.When you engage a full-service online sign company, it will cater to all your signage needs like custom banners, digital decals, custom signs and vehicle lettering.


A good online custom signage company will be time-effective in providing you with the on-demand printing at the best prices in less time. Three days is the maximum time when the final proof you have accepted is shipped to you. A shipping date should be provided in case of large orders and the company should work with you to fulfill your needs.

3- Warranties:

In these days of counterfeit products and false claims you should ask for guarantees. Just remember that many sign shops do not stand behind what they sell. The company should hence provide you with a limited one-year warranty against fading, failure or peeling even though custom vinyl decals and other signage can have their life cut due to unfavorable weather conditions. Vinyl Disorder Decals will last 6+ years outdoors and our indoor wall decals will last even longer!

4- Easy Design Steps

Your selected sign company should facilitate you to design your own custom vinyl decals.You should be able to easily write the text and apply sizing, spacing, color, shadow, border and other effects. You should also be able to upload any images and other designs within the interface.The best thing is to have a preview once in a while to see if you are proceeding in the right direction.

5- Quick Application:

Many times it happens that when the customers receive custom vinyl decals, they find it difficult to apply since there are no instructions provided with the products. When your order exceeds a certain limit, good online companies provide you with some of the materials as well as some instructions about how to execute the lettering. VinylDisorder.Com makes sure you have instructions with every order and orders over a certain amount receive a free squeegee to help with application.

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