How does a vinyl sticker differ from a vinyl decal?

A sticker is just a solid piece of vinyl with your picture or design printed onto it. There will usually be a bit of white around the edges of the design regardless of whether you have the cut contour to the design or cut in a shape. For some designs, stickers may be the only option due to the complex detail in a design. If something is to small to cut into a decal then a sticker will be the way to go. Here is a beautiful printed in loving memory sticker:


Decals are a single color design cut out of one of our stock color sheets of vinyl. They require transfer tape so that they can be “transferred” onto the surface you are applying the vinyl to. Because they are cut out, what you get is your design in vinyl with no background, so what you see is the color of the surface behind the design. Here is a great example of what an in loving memory decal would look like:


If you have further questions about the difference between the two types of window clings, feel free to contact us through email ( , LiveChat, or by phone (866) 723-3726 between the hours of 9am and 5pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Awesome prints

Check out a few of our awesome prints from this week. Artwork submitted by designers and printed by yours truly!

Colorized Vinyl Disorder plane stickers!
These Dead Daisies stickers came out GREAT!
Custom Decals for GitHub


For your own custom stickers and decals e-mail us at Send in your design, let us know the size and quantity you need and we will make it happen!

What does “Reversed” mean?

You will see on all of our products that you have the option of choosing whether you want your decal “reversed” by selecting yes or no from the drop-down menu. What does this mean? For pictures of objects, animals, etc., this just means the item will be facing the opposite direction as it is in the photo. For example here is one of our items, FitnessMC001 – on the site it looks like this, with the weightlifters legs on the right hand side:


If you were to order it reversed, the weightlifter’s legs would be on the left side like this:


If you are ordering anything with words such as a custom wall quote or business lettering, you will ONLY want to get it reversed if it is going on the INSIDE of a window to be read from the outside.