A Prehistoric Touch

Those of us who remember our early childhood were fascinated with dinosaurs, (okay, more typically boys than girls) and were always surrounding ourselves with them using our imagination, or the wide variety of dinosaur toys that always seemed to be at hand.

A collection of dinosaur toys
We all remember toys like this, and you still see children playing with similar toys these days

Well, here at Vinyl Disorder, we decided to take it to the next level, and ask: Why stop at toys?  Why not decorate yours, or your children’s walls, windows, and mirrors with dinosaur vinyl decals?  They’re a great, affordable, removable decoration choice, and they’re easy to apply!

The murals can be either single color die cut decals like these:

Stegosaurus Sticker
A gentle herbivore
Raptor Wall Mural Sticker
A very aggressive carnivore

Or they can be printed multi color decals like these:

Tyrannosaurus Rex Sticker
Look at the teeth on this guy
Pterodactyl Sticker
A menacing bird
Dinosaur Bite Decal

Vinyl Disorder

Dang it, that’s a Ding!

Have a dent or an unsightly scratch in your car or truck? It’s easy to cover it up with a Band Aid decal.

Band Aid sticker
In black and on a wall



They’re easily applied, and are a unique style alternative to costly body work and paint jobs.




There are many other symbols available from Vinyl Disorder.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.