Custom Cornhole Decals

Are you looking for a way to make your own sweet custom corn hole board decals for all your cornhole boards? The otherwise known as tailgate toss in which contestant’s throw beanbags filled with corn and see who can make the most in, the rules can change, but the objective is the same.  Using a decal means you probably won’t need any paint and you can use the durable to decal to decorate with cool designs as well that would otherwise be hard to paint yourself.

Even if you have never played cornhole toss, I’m sure you would love it if you tried it, many of us can remember playing it at the circus with intricate sets and characters to catch the bags with their mouth or in a bucket, so many unique and fun games involving bean bags and cornhole is just one of them but it’s the classic we know and love.

One of the other ways to utilize the cornhole toss boards using decals is in fun or educating kids games, if you put your mind to it, there are ways that you can enhance simple objects to create interactive learning experience that can be inter twined with the rest of your environment.  The team at Vinyl Disorder is ready and waiting to help you make your purchase, they are a dedicated in house team with strict deadlines, and a quality control and monitoring process like no other.  You will love the speed with which your order is processed and the quality and durability of our high quality medias is bar none, when you return to the party platform with some fascinating games everyone will think your a genius.


There isn’t much more to say about cornhole decals, what we do need to mention is that Vinyl Disorder Inc. is here to make sure you get the highest level of quality decals for the right price, we are happy to work with you on custom orders and our clients have been extremely satisfied with their custom decal orders as well as the standard wall quotes, car decals, business decals and wall decals, whatever the use, our customers are always satisfied.

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Order Custom Stickers!

Are you planning on ordering up some custom stickers? Well we have just the information to help you make the right decision.  Vinyl Disorder specializes in making your custom graphics come to life with our wide selection for the purpose of lasting as well as durability.  You are going to love the custom stickers ordering process with Vinyl Disorder Inc. , our end to end service and strict quality control process is what allows us to strictly deliver high quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of our previous and future customers.

There are many considerations to think of when designing a custom sticker, and even before making considerations about stickers you want to ask the question, “what am I trying to accomplish”, by completing this exercise you will be pleasantly surprised with what your imagination comes up with.  It can be a very quick process or one that you would want to sleep on, whether your logo is already made or you need a design made up, Vinyl Disorder offers full service design of the most common elements like business logos and branding materials, there are many ways to expand upon our service as well.

Without further ado, we give you the list of considerations to make when ordering custom stickers online:

  • Gloss or Matte media?
  • is the file .ai, .cdr, .eps, .jpg, .gir, .pdf, .png, .jpeg
  • Do you need your file to be converted to a vector format for a low cost by Vinyl Disorder? We can quote for vector conversion.
  • Square stickers, rounded stickers, round stickers, rectangle stickers, oval stickers kiss cut sticker sheets, custom shaped stickers, bumper stickers.
  • Sticker Size?  2″ x 3″, 2″ x 4″, 2″ x 5″, 2″ x 6″, 3″ x 5″, 4″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″
  • Sticker quantity: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000, 5000
  • Single color or full color?
  • Do you also need some decals for car and wall, decals are more durable for the outdoor process.

Some of the work we have done will really make you satisfied, we take our time to ensure you are happy with the design before making it a finished product, you can request as many revisions as is reasonable considering the size of the order, but we generally can satisfy most needs, and we have a history of provided superior customer service.

Another great way to get a full color design is using the indoor vinyl selection in our media drop-down list, the indoor material is actually a polyester media that is self adhesive, so the fabric wall decals as many people call them are reusable and removable unlike our more permanent vinyl decals and vinyl stickers which are more of a one time use but can be adjusted enough during installation to provide ease of use, and you can order something much larger than a sticker, but if a sticker is what you want, keep reading!

Check out some of these great samples of recent work done by the Vinyl Disorder Inc. team, you might notice that these are Instagram uploads, check out the you will love the selection there, meanwhile you can look at a few we have selected here:


We don’t mean to boast, but you can easily tell that Vinyl Disorder is a cut above the rest in quality, we have the newest high tech printers and we only use the most advance eco-solvent inks that can biodegrade if put in landfills, the polyester media or “indoor” media, is perfect for using in nursery and other toxin free guaranteed spaces you wish to observe, the thing about Vinyl Disorder that also sets us apart from other vendors is our commitment to excellence in whatever application your project requires our high durability, high grade materials are allow you to push the limits of your imagination, whether it be to promote with custom cancer awareness stickers, custom in loving memory stickers, custom car stickers, custom wall quote stickers, custom stickers in general! Your best best is with the team at Vinyl Disorder, just give us a try, we put our best effort into every aspect of our work, thanks for reading!

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Custom Nail Decals

If you have every purchased vinyl decals then you probably know just how easy it is to get these products applied and looking great all on your own, so it only make’s sense that one could order custom designs for their nails to be applied personally, that’s why Vinyl Disorder has a large selection of finger nail art to choose from, designs like this mustache finger nail decal set, or these astrology nail art decals, people seriously love these.  You could buy some cool heart custom nail art decals, we know that you or your loved one’s will really appreciate this cool and fun gift for any occasion, plus you can order these at any time with your own custom art! What could be better than your own personalized custom nail stickers!

We would like to showcase a few of the designs here on the blog to further illustrate the great application that is finger nail art decals, and don’t forget that we only use friendly biodegradable eco-solvent inks which upon introduction to landfills our ink disintegrates within 7 days. Check out some of these perfectly though out nail art ideas:

Astrology finger nail art decal, yin yang finger nail art decals, boot finger nail art decals, cross fingernail art stickers, Halloween pumpkin fingernail art stickers, Jewish fingernail art stickers, skull fingernail art decal stickersand mustache fingernail art stickers!


The designs shown above are just one example of how easy it is to get a good looking set of decals on your nails and how cool it can look, both women and men can appreciate these fun and inspiring ways to draw attention to holidays and celebration, even awareness like cancer ribbons, you can draw your own conclusions.

Another thing to take away from vinyl decal and stickers for fingernail decorating, is the relative inexpensive cost of having your own designs custom made, that’s why we wanted to mention our nail sticker category, because we knew it would give us the opportunity to tell you that custom decal designs are our specialty at Vinyl Disorder, and definitely one of the cooler ways to decorate your nails!  Just contact us at your convenience, our email is or and we are available by phone at 1-866-723-3726

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Custom Hard Hat Decals

 Every construction company has their own logos, and just like a lot of companies the construction industry tends to give it’s employees clothing and other branded equipment for usage on the work site, many of these construction outfits also offer hard hats and more often than not you will see construction workers sharing helmets, so why not offer your workers branded helmet’s?  You can always tell how much more pride a worker has when they have the company logo on their stuff, and it will help to avoid costly mix ups which is the source of a lot of frustration on big construction sites.
That’s where decals come in, they are just what you need to make your construction workers feel appreciated and also help organize the supplies for the guy’s.  Maybe you are one of those companies that offers each employee their own equipment, whatever the case is, we are sure you can use the custom helmet stickers to make the gear your own, not to mention that custom hard hat helmet decal stickers are one of the construction workers favorite forms of self expression.
  So next time you need custom helmet decals, don’t think twice, you should probably just order them right now and save yourself the time, nobody is going to object to custom decals for their helmet’s because everyone can appreciate how well these look when applied, don’t worry your going to love them, and the high durability vinyl will last much longer than standard paper stickers which peel and melt away in short time.
  The easiest way to get your custom hard hat decals and stickers is to make a list of all the features you want like size and quantity, any designs you are looking to incorporate or use by themselves, and once those items are complete all you would need to do is send us the details by email explaining that you would like a custom order quote processed and as soon as we get the quote complete we will send you a price.
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Large Dinosaur Wall Decals

 Are you looking for some top quality large dinosaur wall decals for your next kids room or any dinosaur decorating project? Well you have come to the right place, Vinyl Disorder Inc. provides our customers with a full catalog of designs to choose from, there are over 70,000 designs featured in our store, you can imagine how much time and money it would take to try and find all the separate designs needed to make your complete scene.
  For example, when designing for a dinosaur wall decal theme you may want more than just the dinosaurs to complete your decoration, elements such as trees and plants, water and landscapes, all the stars in the sky, there are so many variations you could apply here and we have made sure that you will find something from every category on our site, this make’s your design process more of a joy than a hassle, not to mention we can help you get a custom design made which is simple and effective when you can’t find what your looking for, simply contact us with your design requirements and we’ll send you a custom quote price.
  Covering your walls has never been easier now that die cut decals are so popular, and Vinyl Disorder has made this process even easier, you will never have to wonder what to do with those empty walls again, even if you plan to add some nice pieces of wall decor from your local shop, you can still use decals to extend and further compliment your design, it’s a whole lot easier than it used to be to get that perfect look with these perfect designs from Vinyl Disorder.
  Dinosaur’s are generally perfect for kids rooms but you can use them anywhere you see fit, our decals even work in the bathroom and provide years of durability to stand up to the toughest elements in and out of the home, they even work outdoors, you are truly only limited by your imagination.
  Check out some of the popular large dinosaur wall decals featured in the gallery below.
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Alien Decals

There is nothing more scary in the world than the thought of an unknown race or entity of intelligent life creeping around the world at night looking for unsuspecting victims to abduct or conduct some kind of horrible research on, aside from that very real fear that some people have, Aliens tend to be a subject of excitement and wonderment.
  Though we aren’t exactly where the stories of extra terrestrials first appeared, we are sure that you are going to love these alien wall decals, our decals are made out of only the highest quality in the industry, we purposely select only the best materials so we can guarantee our decals and stickers are exactly what you need when you want genuine high quality products that you would expect from all the manufacturers but only can get from reputable dealers because of the large supply of low quality decal paper covering the market, you can be assured that Vinyl Disorder Inc. will never use that low quality vinyl in your projects.
  Some of the popular alien wall decals we have in our collection are featured in the gallery below, you can really appreciate the time that went into creating and selecting these artistic masterpiece’s which tend to be just right for wall and car decal applications.
  If all the Aliens in our catalog don’t meet your needs, don’t forget we can always help you make your own custom artwork into a vector graphic, or you can find the perfect design and send it to us, as long as you are not breaking copyright laws for usage of the image then it is probably fine to use the image for making a decal possible.  Just contact us with your custom order request and any artwork you have chosen, we will let you know how much it will cost to make your project come to life!
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Pirate Decals

Arrr matey! You have been boarded, we want your loot and were taking your ship, now it’s best ye walk the plank ya filthy scallywags.   You messed with the wrong pirates today and now you’ve lost it all, har har harrrr, well maybe we’ll keep you on board to wash the decks, we’ll just see.
So you’ve got your mind made up, your going to be a pirate, after that pirate kidnapping incident you just haven’t been the same, to make your way back home, you swabbed the decks and learned the wicked pirate slang, and now your feeling like there is just no going back.  Don’t worry sailor, Vinyl Disorder has you covered, we know how hard it is to represent your pirate style these days, what with all the government sailors around, and so many regulations, it’s a wonder the pirate in you has even made it this far.
So what could be the object of your treasure hunting desire’s today? Will it be the skull and crossbones pirate wall decal or crazy one eyed pirate decal, what would your pirate private life be without a pirate treasure map wall decal, everyone know’s a pirate love’s treasure, and don’t forget your going to need an authentic looking pirate ship wall decal, whatever your pirate needs Vinyl Disorder has you covered matey.
Check out some of the sweet pirate design samples in the gallery below:
  We know your going to love our pirate wall decal selection but if you are looking for something, and can’t find it, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your custom order request.
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