Decorate your College Dorm with Wall Decals and Stickers from Vinyl Disorder

Dorm rooms are notorious for looking more cave-like than homelike. The bare, cement walls and industrial-looking furniture are anything but inviting. You’ll be calling your dorm room home for a while, so making it personable and comfortable is a must. A fun way to add character and make your dorm your own is decorating it with wall decals and stickers from Vinyl Disorder.


Living in a dorm room is a fun and exciting time, but that doesn’t mean you’re free to do whatever you want with your room. One of the main rules is not being able to drill holes and nails into the walls to hang pictures, paint or remove furniture. This doesn’t leave much freedom in terms of adding your personal touch. Fortunately, wall decals and stickers are the ideal solution.

Our wall decals can be used on any smooth, hard or rough surface—the exact description of your dorm’s four walls. Hanging them requires no nails or hammering, so you won’t get written up by your RA. All it takes is some forethought into where you want to place them, cleaning the wall of any dirt and grime, removing the backing and smoothing the decals onto the walls. That’s it!

The saying “everything from soup to nuts,” applies to our inventory. We’ve filled our inventory of wall decals with an assortment of wide-ranging themes that run the gamut from dainty, colorful flowers to hardcore, black and white skulls. And, in case you’re wondering, we even have decals of soup and nuts. So whether you want your dorm to look like it’s situated on the beach or in an African safari, the choice is all yours.


Stickers are another great option that helps to bring your dorm room to life. Don’t let the word “stick” in sticker scare you. We have plenty of different types of stickers—from permanent to reusable ones that can be easily removed. Fabric stickers are a great choice for dorm rooms; they’re reusable, so you can remove them without peeling the paint off the walls at the end of the final semester.

Still can’t find exactly what you want or want to have the most unique dorm room on the entire campus? Take advantage of our custom service. We can make any design, pattern, wording or artwork you have in mind or sketched on paper into a wall decal or sticker